“ In art and dream may you proceed with abandon. In life may you proceed with stealth and dagger”

-The Fat One, Member of the Blackbear Mercenaries
(Human Ninja 6)

It is my belief that the rules for stealth are vague and incomplete. Fortunately for us James Jacobs and the rest of paizo agree! They have been working on an update to the stealth rules and have a “play-test” posted. Thus we will be using the play-test rules for our game.

Here is a link to the original Play-test Rules

Here is a link to the Update Play-test Rules (These are the ones we will be using)

And without further ado…


(Dex; Armor Check Penalty) You are skilled at avoiding detection, allowing you to slip past foes or strike from an unseen position. This skill covers hiding and moving silently.

Check: While under the effects of concealment or cover (except soft cover) you may attempt a stealth check while performing any action that is not a charge, run, or attack (See “Attacking While Hidden”). Your Stealth check is opposed by the Perception check of anyone from whom you have cover. When you make your Stealth check, those creatures that didn’t succeed at the opposed roll treat you as hidden until the start of your next action or until the end of your turn if you do not end your turn with cover or concealment. You are not hidden from creatures whose DC you did not beat nor from creatures that are observing you (creatures that you didn’t have cover or concealment from). You cannot spend a free or immediate actions to become hidden, but if you spend a free or immediate action while under the effects of Stealth you must make a new Stealth check to continue its effects. You may spend a swift action to stay immobile and make a Stealth check.

If on subsequent rounds you perform no actions and still benefit from cover or concealment you are not required to make additional Stealth checks to remain hidden. If at any time the conditions change increasing the difficulty to remain hidden, opponents get a new opposed roll against your previous stealth check.

Moving while Hidden: You can move up to half your speed and use Stealth at no penalty. When moving at a speed greater than half your speed and up to your normal speed, you take a -5 penalty on the Stealth check.

Attacking while Hidden: Any attack or spell targeting a foe or whose area or effect includes a foe ends the hidden condition unless you are subject to greater invisibility or similar effect or you are sniping (see “Sniping” below). Actions directed at an unattended object do not end Stealth. Causing harm indirectly is not an attack. If during your last action you were hidden to a creature, you are still considered hidden when you make the first attack of that new action.

Other Perception Checks: Once per round a creature may attempt a Perception check as a move action to notice a hidden creature. The DC of the Perception check is the hidden creature’s last Stealth check. This is also the case if a creature makes a Perception check to notice a hidden creature because the perceiving creature is entering an area where it could possibly notice a hidden creature.

Sniping: If you already are hidden to a target and you are at least 10 feet away from that target, as a standard action, you can make one attack with a ranged weapon against that target and immediately make an opposed Stealth check to stay hidden. You take a –20 penalty on your Stealth check when attempting to snipe.

Creating a Diversion to Hide: You can use Bluff to allow you to use Stealth. If you do not have cover or concealment, as a swift action, you can attempt a Bluff check opposed by the Sense Motive of opponents that can see you. If you are successful, you may perform a Stealth check as part of your next move or standard action even if you do not have cover or concealment. You still cannot perform a Stealth check as part of a charge, run, or attack with this diversion.

Action: Usually making a Stealth check is not an action. Using Stealth is part of the action you are taking.

Special: If you are subject to invisibility, greater invisibility, or a similar effects you gain a +40 bonus on Stealth checks, or a +20 bonus on Stealth checks while you’re performing any standard or move action. If you are subject to the silence spell or a similar effects you gain a +10 bonus to stealth checks. A creature larger or smaller than Medium takes a size bonus or penalty on Stealth checks depending on its size category: Fine +16, Diminutive +12, Tiny +8, Small +4, Large –4, Huge –8, Gargantuan –12, Colossal –16. A 5-Foot step is considered a free action for the purposes of Stealth and the Hidden condition.


Hidden: You are difficult to detect but you not invisible. A hidden creature gains a +2 bonus on attack rolls against sighted opponents, and ignores its opponents’ Dexterity bonus to AC (if any). You do not have line of sight to a creature or object that is hidden from you. A hidden object or creature gains total concealment. If a hidden object or creature is hit by a melee attack (even a touch attack), that object or creature loses its hidden status relative to that attacker.

Invisible: Invisible creatures are visually undetectable. An invisible creature or object gains the benefits of the hidden condition. An invisible object or creature gains total concealment.


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