Echoes of the Rising

The Travelers Meets Duck Dynasty!

Speak with the Seer

Invited to the Palace – granted large titles. Introduced to Jewels del Latont, Stains Grandfather who invites him to his/their family estate.

At the del Latont estate Jewels lays out his plan to reclaim a seat on the council, which should be easy with Stain’s support. He also expresses interest in forgiving Tabitha and regranting her title.

The party then travels back in town. In a back water town they find a few ruffians assaulting a pregnant woman. Vampire lover! After seriously laying the smackdown on them they visit her hovel – where SURPRISE! she goes into labor.

While this is happening two assassins, sent by a demon lord, attempt to kill the unborn child. These are no ordinary assassins. One is a huge behemoth with countless arms and weapons. The other though much smaller a demon no less deadly and with every round Stain fires into it he feels himself getting weaker. The heroes managed to thwart the assassins. His last one falls Stain rushes into the tent, moving much slower than he normally does. He is a surprised to find that the mother is in much better shape than he thought. His confusion only lasts as long as it takes them to see the wide grin on Davos’s face. “It’s magic.” Davos says cheerily.

With the immediate danger gone Cletus is able to spend some time with the mother he never met. All the time wondering what this could mean for his life and if it will change him. Cletus’s very strange family reunion is short-lived though as the heroes are propelled back into the future.


JosephZ Lynx189

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