“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”

-Dalinar Kholin, First of the Order of the Violet Flame
(Aasimar Paladin 14)

Mission Statement
My purpose and promise as DM

Character Creation Section
Attribute Generation, Alignment, LA Races, Traits, Drawbacks, Flaws, Tips… Everything needed to create a new Hero

Special Rewards and Incentives
How to earn Bonus Experience, Hero Points, and Special Treasure Rewards

Campaign Specific Information
NPC Power & Wealth, A Campaign Specific Anomaly, Cultures, Special Races, and the World Background Story

House Rules
Changes, Clarifications, and House Rules

Random Stuff
Some of my ranting, links to forums posts I like, other stuff you should ignore

How to use this website. Posting Adventure Logs, Character Format, Etc.

Echoes of the Rising

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