Traits, Drawbacks, Backgrounds, and Flaws

“I don’t believe that human beings can achieve ultimate enlightenment, because humans have flaws”

-Tynk Tonkertuck, District Manager of The Banking House of Valiant and Bold – Abyrinth Division
(Boggle Artificer 10)

Traits, Drawbacks, Backgrounds, and Flaws

All players may take advantage of the following optional rules at character creation:

Approval Required

It is important to note that all Traits, Drawbacks, Backgrounds, and Flaws must be first approved by the DM to ensure balance and story cohesion. It will be approved so long as it meets the following 2 requirements:

  • It must Make Sense for the character to have. A snub nosed “better-than-thou” noble should not have the “fisherman” background.
  • Drawbacks and Flaws should have a meaningful penalty. A caster who will rarely make an attack roll can not take the “Murky-eyed” flaw or “One-eye” drawback.
Special Notes

NPC’s recruited by the party (via Leadership, Thrallherd, etc) may have two Traits, but not any Drawbacks, Backgrounds, or Flaws.

The Skill points granted by Drawbacks can be kept to spend at later levels. Otherwise the skill rank cap makes drawback rather lackluster.

Backgrounds will be slightly different than the offical options. The following free feats granted by a background will be removed or replaced: Spell Focus, Weapon Focus, Toughness, Deadly Aim, Point Blank Shot, Mounted Combat, Two Weapon Fighting, and Dodge. I don’t want backgrounds to be a path to power-gaming (That’s what flaws are for!). I included them to give players an incentive (and guide) to create well developed character backgrounds.

Traits, Drawbacks, Backgrounds, and Flaws

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