The Spider Queen

The party goes though the two stone doors and finds a large uncut cavern. The rails go off to the left, but the tracks from the rats go to the right. The party decides to go to the right and see if they can’t find the “Rat Master”. After a short way they find a cavern covered in webs. Always a good sign. Stain starts lighting touches. While Cadmiel ventures into the large room. Cadmiel finds one of the dire rats feeding an unconscious man rapped in webbing. Using a wand Cadmiel castes Infernal Healing on the man. Cletus say there are more webmummies around just before a spider swarm bursts out. Cletus covered in spiders manages to get the unconscious man free of the webs and to reasonable safety. Meanwhile Maven, Cadmiel, and Davos contend with the two webmummies and the two spider swarms. Stain continues to light the webbing on fire, till finally deciding to help finish off the last webmummy. But wait one of the spider swarms slipped off and brought back momma. A very large spider crawls out and starts laying into our heros. Luckily the “Rat Master” has finally woke up and he can cast fireball. This makes quick work of the remaining swarms and gives the party just the edge they need to defeat the giant spider.

After the spider is defeated the party finds out that the “Rat Master” is named Harry Dresden. Harry fell into these caverns and would be more than happy help them find their way out. The party finds no other exit in the spider cavern so they make their way back to the railing. They then discuss whether or not to return and get the rest of the people from the inn moving forward. After a while of going over pros, cons, and logistics Harry makes everything simpler by looking around the corner. There he finds four carts that will attach to the hand cart. Sixteen hours and some enlightening role play later and all of the people from the inn as well as our two Keeper captives are left in the spider cavern while the party presses on.

Following the rails again the party comes to a room with pitons and chains on the wall. In some of these chains is a man. This man seems to believe that they were some trick by his captors and begs for them to kill him. While the rest of the party tends to and questions the man Cletus and Stain notice some tracks that appear to belong to the man’s captures. They appear to be the tracks of a Troll and some troll hounds.

The tracks are followed only a hundred yards until they end at a large double steel door. Cadmiel, always the careful one, searches for traps and discovers it is warded by a magical sonic burst. After disabling it, he quickly picks the several locks up and down the door. The rescued wizard Harry casts silence on Cadmeil who steps inside. Unfortunately he had not properly disabled the trap… Fortunately the silence spell negates the trap regardless.

On the other side of the steel reinforced double doors the party finds a small room of uncut stone. There is an animals bedding located in one corner littered what appear to be human remains. Cadmiel finds several traps, and pockets one (a bear trap). In the animal refuse lots of coins and other debree are found in the animals scat. Gold coins, a couple of wedding bands, a broken mithril dagger of very fine make, some horseshoes, and a rag doll.

The party approaches the next set of double doors. These doors are made of simple oak, and are not locked. A large “Doggy Door” is built into them. Cadmiel disables the doggy door, and checks the door for traps…It looks clear!

The Spider Queen

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