The Snowed Inn

After defeating and subduing the cultists, the party takes stoke of the room. Stain mutters some curses as he fixes his rifle, Cadmeil checks the room for any hidden dangers, Maven goes to retrieve the refugees, and Davos get into a magic conversation with Harry. The crates bare the markings of not only the Windriders but also have been insured by The Banking House of Valiant and Bold.

Stain and Cleatus exit the entrance to the cavern with the idea to forage for food. They are met by the sight of a storm that will hit with in the next ten hours and the welcome sight of nine horses and one Roc. After informing the party of the situation they return to hunting. There are still a lot of starving people in this cave including three more that the party found in cages. It is unlikely they will survive the storm.

It is decided that they can not wait out the storm. The Windrider is all to happy to be reunited with his Roc and rides ahead and tell the people of the nearest trading post to expect them. Do to some quick thinking on Stain’s part all of the refugees a sheltered from the storm in an extra-dimensional Tent and hauled on a nearby wagon. Along the way a large armored bear comes along and takes a shine to Maven. Albeit after scare the horses into a near panic.

Finally at the outpost and in somewhat safety the party takes stock of their prisoners. The two Dark Creeper appearing to not be evil are released. The Half-elf woman and her unconscious male friend are another story. Maven can see that they are evil. The Inn keeper demands that they be removed from his Inn and taken to the shed out back. Stain and Cadmeil spend the night trying to stay awake and watch over the prisoners. They both notice Oleg the Inn keep try to slip in. After a lie about getting tools that no one believe he makes a hasty retreat. The party tries to question the woman further even trying spell, but to no avail. Finally the party seeing no other logical conclusion performs summary executions on both of them. Oleg insists it is done far from his Trading Post. They clearly make him nervous.

Upon further questioning of Oleg the party discovers that he was in fear of the retribution of bandits. They have been coming to the Trade Posting every month and strong arming them for gold and goods. They have taken coins, supplies, and even their wedding bands (A Silver band with Emeralds, and a Gold band with a Diamond). The bandit are expected to come by in the next two days at sunrise to collect their “taxes”. The party has different ideas.

The next morning the party finds that the Inn has been plagued by all manner of mischief. Several of the more educated party members recognize the work as that of Mischievous Fey Creatures. After a bit of bribery and diplomacy the two Fey reveal themselves. A Faerie Dragon and a Grig appear speak with the group. They know about the bandits and have learned to fear them. At least as close to fear as fey feel. After a battle of wits Cadmiel convinces the Fey to tell the party what they know of the bandits. Then they undo the mischievous tricks they had played on Oleg’s still, and in the process “Bless” the moonshine in contains with Fey Magic. Faerie Kissed Moonshine is the result and it’s effects are highly unpredictable and interesting. It makes for an eventful evening. The next morning Oleg Happily gives the remaining magical moonshine to the party… He wants nothing more to do with it or the chaos it caused to his Inn.

The party prepares for the arrival of the Bandits by hiding a barrel of Black Powder in the central square of Oleg’s Trading Post. At sunrise, as expected, the Bandits arrive. They are led by a tall man in a black feathered cloak astride a large bird. His companion, The Red Line, lazily spins his scorpion whip and grins wickedly at Oleg’s Wife… a grin that never reaches his cruel eyes. Following him are two disgruntled white haired simian creatures in collars. The bandits ride in and confront Oleg and his wife, who are standing just outside the blast zone. Cletus bellows a challenge to the leader of the bandits. The leader tells his subordinate “Red” to “kill that man”. Stain raises his gun from the nearby rooftop and fires. And BOOM goes the Dynamite! The two white ape like slaves with the bandit are torn to pieces. The two lead bandits are injured and soon blinded by one of Davos’s spells. It is a very one-sided battle.

Red refuses to give up and in knocked unconsious. The Leader, Kaz, (who never even draws a weapon) surrenders after being pinned down by Cleatus, Manacled by Stain, all while pinned under his unconscious 600 pound bird. Maven (the “Paladin”) still insists on beating him until he passes out. While interrogating Kaz screams are heard from the shack that Red is tied up in. There the party discovers Svetlana stabbing his corpse repeatedly and screaming through tears.

Kaz spills everything he knows, giving up the location of the “cave hideout” the party already knows of, and the location of the rest of the bandits. They are set up near the shoreline where they require a “toll” to use the Frozen Road. Tak is the leader of the this group, and takes his orders from somewhere on The Shadow Isles. Kaz does not know from whom.

The Snowed Inn

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