The Face of Evil

“I hate to say it Cletus, but you got to get up.” Stain says as he and Maven help Cletus to his feet.

Cletus shakes his head makes a very unhappy look at his new arm before moving toward the lightning feild, “I got this.”

Maven, Davos, and Cadmeil begin healing the group with spells and wands. Stain passes back and forth as Cletus makes way through electric switches.

With the field finally down the heroes head down a long hallway. Cadmeil discovers a trap, but with his direction the group quickly avert it. Coming to the end of the hallway Stain and Cletus hear heavy foot falls. As a red dragons head appears Stain opens fire and runs forward. Cletus runs forward as well and tries to force the jaws of the beast shut. Unfortunately the Magma Dragons might proved to be greater and its breath burst forth. Cletus took the brunt of the blast as Cadmeil and Stain dove for cover.

Davos casts fly on Maven’s bear as shots ring out and the Magma Dragon falls.

Cletus stumbles back toward Stain, “Blue Dragon round corner.”
The words of “Damn’it Cletus speak Celestial!” Died on Stain’s lips as the words became clear in his mind. His eyes widened just in time to see the blue flash.

Cadmeil, Maven, and Davos see Cletus run by the end of the hallway just before a burst of lightning follows him. Maven charged forth taking to the air. Rounding the corner he found himself in the middle of a lava filled room. Far across the chamber he sees five Blue Dragons. If his eye sight was better he mite of seen that they all were smiling.

Cadmeil and Davos emerge from the hallway to find Stain and Cletus burned and hurting. Useing wands they do what healing they can.

The Dragon mutters some words and Maven is horrified that he and his bear are falling. The bear shifts body as Maven leaps. Maven begins the summoning even before he hits the ground of the small island in the middle of a lake of lava. The smell of burnt hair is heavy in the air, but both appear unscathed. Though they didn’t seem to be going anywhere without help. Things looked bleak as one of the dragons winked out.

“Lets hope that’s enough!” Stain said as he came out shooting. Only one of his bullets found the true dragon, but when he was done there was only one dragon.

The Dragon fled down a hallway at the oppisite end of the chamber. Davos teleported to Maven as Stain takes another shot before he, Cletus, and Cadmeil make there way across the room. Davos and Maven teleport back to the main path as the Dragon flies back into the room five Dragons again. Cletus yells something and four of the dragons wink aut. Shots ring out and a blue dragon falls.

Heading down the new hallway the heroes come to a new door. This door is trapped as well, but Cadmeil disables it without foully. Just before opening the door Davos castes Haste on the party and cast Greater Invisibility on Stain.

Opening the door the adventurers find themselves staring at themselves. “Go fuck yourselves!” Holland says as he turns and walks away.

The group finds themselves staring at duplicates of themselves. All that is, but Stain. Not fully understanding whats happening he smiles and thanks Davos by shooting his double in the face.
As mirror Davos vanishes Davos Classic yells, “Destroy the mirror!”

Stains next volley flies toward the mirror, but is stopped by a ectoplasmic wall. The strangest battle then in-sues.

(Party fights itself.)

As the party walks by the mirror it falls over and shatters largely do to Stain’s efforts. Davos cries out in horror and exclamation that maybe he can put it back together. The heroes rebuff before Cletus and Stain run into the widening chamber.

Stain invisible and much faster than Cletus clears the room first firing silent shots as he runs. The shots miss but go unnoticed. Stain closes the distance his next volley makes more of an impression.

Running in Stain sees a hulking monstrosity, a tiger, and four medium humanoids. Stain had never seen a man with tenticals coming out of his face before so he decided it should die first. The remaining three were just seeing their “friend” fall to the floor as Stain reached the top of the staircase. The staircase led to a platform in the middle of the room and it was there that Stain released his second volley.

Cletus had claimed rights to Holland, and Stain had planned on respecting that. But seeing him standing there brought back memories. Holland standing in front of Stain and what passes for law in Irontown and lying! Making jokes about what he did to the children, what he was going to do. Seeing that face again.“Sorry, Cletus.” Stain whispered as he erased that face from the world.

Cletus running with all his might an imposing sight of power and rage. His look shifts slightly from rage to frustration back to rage as Davos teleports the rest of the party several yards ahead of him.

The tiger springs into action and charges up the stairs to the invisible Stain. Shots ring out and the tiger falls.

Davos teleports up to the plateform. Maven charges in not seeing the Blackgaurd he attack one of the remaining vampires. After taking the hit the Hafling vampire runs behind a pillar. Only to find Cletus open arms.

Cadmeil runs up the stairs only to leap onto the Monstrosity blinding it with vicious and graceful strikes.

The Blackgaurd reapears muttering something before walking through a daemonic portal. Davos hears his words and obeys. Maven charges through the portal in pursuit.

Cletus and Stain rip the hafling vampire apart and the Monstrosity disappears. The group starts to turn its attention to the portal as Davos turns his spells on Cadmeil.

Cletus had told Maven about the time he had stepped through one of these portals in great detail. Maven was ready for fire and brimstone. Maven was ready for hordes of Daemons. The air was hurtfully cold and it was quiet. He had expected screaming. Some how the lack of noise was more ominous. The sight Maven saw before him would have drove a lesser man insane. What Maven saw was “Evil Bad Ass God” sitting on a throne of made of Evil Gods. “Later!!!” Maven yells defiantly before leaping back through the portal.

Maven comes through the portal just as it closes and finds himself in a new hell. Davos’s magical sword is attacking Cadmeil. “Davos is out of control!” Cletus yells.

Davos is quickly beaten into unconsciousness.

The Face of Evil

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