Skill - Blackmarket

“In the domain of law and rogues, an interdiction serves to structure a black market and a shadow economy.”

-Shocking words of Lenny Halffoot
(Human Rogue 9)

Blackmarket is a unique Charisma based skill offered to players. This is a class skill for the following SRD classes: Barbarian, Fighter, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, Wizard, Alchemist, Gunslinger, Inquisitor, Summoner, Witch, Antipaladin, Ninja, Arcane Archer, Arcane Trickster, Assassin, Dragon Disciple, Loremaster, Chronicler, Shadowdancer.

Any Non-SRD or 3rd party classes will be discussed as necessary.

Blackmarket can be used in several ways:

  • Find disreputable and useful information, using the same DC as gather information.
  • Fence stolen, cursed, illegal, or otherwise unwanted items that would not sell in a normal market.
  • Purchase illicit and illegal items such as slaves, stolen items, poisons, and drugs.
  • Smuggle items or people into or out of contested areas.
  • Blackmail or Bribe law enforcement or other people in power.
  • Hire assassins, hits, evil spellcastings, or other disreputable services.
  • When rolling to determine if an item is available in a town (normally 75%) you may add your Blackmarket Skill to that roll.
  • Purchase or Sell items without permits or taxes, increasing your bottom line. See Special Below
Punishment for Capture DC
Punishment Minor 10
Punishment Average 15
Punishment Major 20
Punishment Maximum 25
Circumstantial Modifiers Mod
Local Law Bribed -5
Local Law Remote -10
Per 500G Market Cost (Rounded Down) +1
Failed check within last week (Specific to area) +5
Goods Very Common or Untraceable -5
Goods Rare or Easily Traceable +5
Goods Unique and Very Well Known +10

Failure: Failing a blackmarket check spooks the market, increasing the DC of all blackmarket checks in that area for 1 week. This penalty is cumulative and applies to the player who fails the check and any who are aiding.

Failing a check by 5 or more means the player is caught by the local law enforcement. The degree of punishment is subject to DM discretion, and is based off of the severity of the crime and how spectacularly the player failed.

Purchasing or Selling Goods When purchasing or selling items you may choose to use the blackmarket rather than traditional methods. When doing so you make a normal blackmarket check. For every point with which you exceed the DC you may add or subtract this percentage from the final Cost.

For example, a player rolls a blackmarket check in order to purchase a Ring of Protection +1 (2000G). In the area he is in this crime would warrant “Average” punishment, base DC 15. The DC is also increased by 4 due to the price of the item. The player rolls a 29 against the DC of 19. By exceeding the DC by 10 points He finds a buyer who will sell him the ring under the table for 1800 gold (A reduction of 10%).

Under the same circumstances this player could have sold the Ring of Protection for 1100 gold, a 10% increase over the normal Half Market Value of 1000 gold.

SPECIAL: A natural 1 on a blackmarket check automatically fails.

Warning: The purpose of this skill is to add flavor and fun to the game. It is not a gateway for abusing the game economy. I will deliberately counter and punish any attempts to disrupt player economy abusing using this skill. It is not meant to to make “Free Money”.

Synergy Bonus:
A player with 5 or more ranks in Blackmarket receives a +2 Synergy Bonus to all appraise checks.
A player with 5 or more ranks in Diplomacy receives a +2 Synergy Bonus to all appraise checks.

Skill - Blackmarket

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