One mans slave is another mans Meal Ticket

Last game our heroes freed the trapped children with clever use of extra dimensional spaces. After wards they escorted them off the Kholin Manor, and with Kaz and Robert as chaperons, sent them off to the Temple of Torag for safety.

Then the party ventured further into the secret lair beneath the Kholin Manor. With righteous Zeal Maven kicked open the Irondoor, setting off another trap. The poison damaged Cadmiel but Ravaged Cleatus, who barely survived due to the quick thinking of Stain in summoning a creature able to delay the onset of its affects.

The cavernous room on the other side of the iron door was inlaid with deep trenches in the shape of the Rune of “The Fiend” – yet another sign of the mysterious demonic force that seems set against you. Bodies, some still twitching, hang limply from dark chains pounded into the rough stonework. Their life’s blood drips in a maddening chorus into the rune.

On the far side of the room a large archway reveals 4 shadowy figures. A massive steel door begins to slide down to block this entrance. Before it thunders closed you hear a deep emotionless voice heavy with the weight of command. “I must speak with our Lord. See that our guests are entertained.”

Then the party goes the work. Cletus holds off the constructs while the party deals with the real threat – a huge 6 legged blue skinned centaur Stain calls a Svathurim. Maven charges in Spatha down but the adamantine tip slides off its ridiculously tough hide. The Svathurim bellows a magnificent laugh full of mockery and war-born-joy and charges Maven with his own lance. The cacophony of the impact echos in the cavern and is near deafening.

Despite the unbelievable power behind the lanced centaur, the party is able to over power it. With a series of careful jabs and thrusts Cadmiel shreds it to ribbons. Its body bursts into a cloud of red gas and it drifts lazily to the steel door, then backs up and into the runed pit.

Davos teleports the party (Except Stain, the Battle Bear 9000, and his Familiar Toot-toot) to the Temple of Torag to receive restorations and bring the party to its full potential, but when attempting to return his spell goes wrong. The party ends up several dozen miles away near the White Farmstead. With the wizard out of resources, the party has little choice but the hunker down for the night and await the next morning when Davos can attempt teleporting again.

Back at the Manor Stain decides it wise to leave the labyrinth. He heads back upstairs and then, after waiting several hours, encounters a group of constables and dwarven priests approaching. They explain that the rest of the party appeared in Father Gunthar’s study, interrupting his evening prayers, and informed him of trouble at the Kholin Manor and that children were in trouble. Stain goes on to explain that Lord Kholin and his servant Master Holland are vampires and had the children imprisoned. This draws several scowls and angry remarks. None-The-Less Stain’s reputation holds some weight and they knock on the door.

The Vampire Master Holland answers with a charming smile on his face. Stain makes several accusations, to which Master Holland appears appropriately shocked and outraged. Stain even goes so far to demand that the servant is scanned with divination magics but they reveal nothing strange. This draws the anger of the crowd of lawmen and priests towards Stain. Realizing he is out matched in this regard Stain apologizes and withdraws himself. Master Holland makes several remarks that sounds benign on the surface but Stain recognizes as blatant taunts about the children’s situation.

Stain leaves the manor and begins tracking the children. An hour down the road he finds signs of a struggle, and then the tracks head off road into the wilderness. Following them he soon discovers Kaz and Robert holding vigil over a cavernous crack in a cliff side. They explain that 2 of the smallest girls attacked several others, biting and clawing. When Kaz and Robert attempted to subdue them they fought with demonic strength. Eventually they began using strange gaze attacks on the other children, and before long the other girls had calmed into a stupor and began following them into the woods. Kaz was able to track them to here, but several wolves are guarding the entrance. Stain decides to give Robert his horse and send him to town looking for the rest of the party. Then Kaz and Stain settle down to watch over the cave.

The next day Davos is able to clear his mind enough to prepare new spells. He uses some of his mythic powers to scry on his familiar, and then manages a difficult teleportation directly too it. Stain and Kaz are a little startled with the rest of the party appears next to them. Stain explains the situation.

The heroes slaughter the wolves and once in the cave discover the 2 vampire children holding hostage the other 6. Cleatus scans the girls for the taint of undeath… Only the 2 small girls are vampires, but a faint aura of negative energy hangs over Susey Q. After dealing with the little ones, who burst into clouds of gas and begin drifting out of the cave towards the Kholin Manor they inspect the other girls.

The remaining 6 are bitten and hurt, but nothing that won’t heal well given time. Stain and Cletus, however, discover that Susey Q is pregnant (a little over 2 months along). This would coincide with her time as a prisoner in the mines.

One mans slave is another mans Meal Ticket

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