NPC Wealth

“The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal”

-Lord Veras Hightower, Master of Coins for The Union
(Half-elf Wizard 7)

NPC Wealth

The following will be used to determine NPC reactions with the party, such as bribing a peasant or a noble, purchasing a membership to an elite society, or reactions of wealthy NPC’s when dealing with the party.

Character wealth is a special case when compared to NPC wealth. The average NPC is not capable of meeting the heroic challenges PCs commonly face. They are therefor not privy to the unique rewards that come with the danger. The average PC will have gold and gear far outstripping the common person. The following is a guideline to the average income though not a hard rule.

Lower Class

The majority of the population is in the Lower Class (~90%), consisting of untrained workers, nomadic tribes, laborers and the like. They average 1 silver to 2 gold a day in wages. 40-400 gold represents an entire years earnings. They may possess up to 600 gold worth of property required for day to day living that has been passed down or built by hand over the years: A Pony, Wagon, Shack or small dilapidated houses, common clothing and the like. (Average PC Wealth ~ 1st Level)

Middle Class

The middle class is a much smaller portion representing roughly 10% of people in the world. Trained Professionals like Blacksmiths, Fishing Captains, Doctors, Merchants, Practicers of Law, and military men. They earn far more than the average commoner, with a yearly earning of 400-1000 gold. These people often own nice homes, horses, weaponry, tailored clothing, books, and slaves or servants.(Average PC Wealth ~ 6th Level)


The upper class live far above everyone, consisting of 1% of the population. These are the majority of people in power. Lords who’s taxation reach large areas of land. Elite merchants who have obtained dominance over markets with exceptional cleverness, luck, or more sinister methods. Nobility born into wealth or leaders of powerful guilds. High ranking Military Officials. Wielders of magic who create the wondrous items required for adventure or sustaining large cities. The religious leaders who command masses of devout followers. These people may earn between 1,000 gold to 100,000 gold a year. They live lavish lifestyles and have hordes of treasure and property worth 100,000+ gold. They own magical items and can afford resurrections and other important spells.(Average PC Wealth – 13th Level)

Elite Class

The elite class are few and feared. Kings of the oldest and greatest kingdoms. Archmages whose names are whispered only by the boldest of men. Their wealth is immeasurable by the minds of common men. Adorned with crowns and powerful magical gear each worth an entire city’s ransom these few no longer concern themselves with petty fiscal problems and focus on hording power and glory. (Average PC Wealth – 21st+ Level)

NPC Wealth

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