NPC Power

“Concentrated power is not rendered harmless by the good intentions of those who create it”

-Feris, Speaker for the Peoples Union (958-989)
(Half-Elf Bard 12)

The Player is taking on the role of someone exceptional. Perhaps his background is that of a farm boy, slave, or something equally meek. Most farm boys go on to be farmers, slaves to continue as slaves – but the PC rises to power above and beyond the common person. The heroes become legend should fate smile upon them.

At the start of the adventure we all begin as no one. A blank slate no one takes a second glace at. But as the party gathers wealth, power, and fame its important to keep perspective on how their actions impact the world, and how the world in turn impacts the players. As such here is a base line that will help keep that perspective.

LevelTotal% of Population
1 – 2 NPC*381,08054%
1 – 2280,00040%
3 – 428,0004%
5 – 67,0001%
7 – 82,800.4%
9 – 10700.1%
11 – 14280.04%
15 – 18112.02%
19 – 2028.004%
Epic Level??

*NPC means levels in NPC classes such as Adept, Aristocrat, Commoner, Expert, or Warrior

There are roughly 700,000 humanoids in this world. As you can see 94% of them are levels 1-2. Of all the humanoids, only 10% are in a casting class. For instance, of the 7,000 NPC’s who are level 5-6, only ~700 are actual spellcasters/psionic. In addition, the majority of the spellcasters are “innate” spellcasters without training. Those that require training such as alchemists and wizards are even more rare, as their secrets and training are closely guarded to ensure consolidated power.

This does not account for non-humanoid NPC’s. There are still NPC’s encountered who are fey, dragons, demons, angels, or other non-humanoid NPC’s with or without class levels.

NPC Power

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