Mundane Crafting

“Two hands working can do more than a thousand clasped in prayer”

-Highlord Thaspus Vessuvium, Lieutenant General of the Union Army
(Human Warrior 4 Aristocrat 4)

I think we can all agree mundane crafting takes WAY too long. In addition some mundane goods are way more expensive than they are useful even when crafted for 1/3rd value (Poisons for example). Here are a few house rules we will be using to help alleviate this these issues:

House Rules for Mundane Crafting

  • Crafting progress will be in gold rather than silver. I think this is something we have always house ruled and liked.
  • Progress will be rolled daily, not weekly. When combined with the above rules this means a player will craft 70 times faster than normal.

    Example – Full plate costs 2000 gold and has a craft DC of 19. With +8 to craft arms and armor, and masterwork tools, a player could take 10 for a total of 20. Normally this would mean 19 X 20 = 380 Silver (38 Gold) in progress every week. It would take a player almost exactly 1 year to complete a suit of Full Plate.

    Under these rules the same Player would take 6 days to complete a set of Full Plate. This is more reasonable in my opinion.
  • Exceptionally skilled crafters have learned how to create items without wasting any material, maximizing their production, and finding inexpensive base components from established contacts. A PC may increase the DC of a mundane craft check by 10. If successful they craft a duplicate identical to the original item. Doing so, however, requires a comfortable and quite place to work with all the appropriate tools.

    This may be applied more than once, adding an additional item each time. This may not be used in conjunction with instantaneous crafting spells such as Fabricate.

    I will deliberately counter/disrupt any attempts to disrupt player economy abusing using this option. The intent of this option is specifically aimed at PC’s using poison, which is far more expensive than it is useful much of the time. There are, however, other useful applications of this ability. It is not meant to to make “Free Money”.

Mundane Crafting

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