“Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms”

-Greyton Deepstride, Father of the Greensea
(Mammoth Centaur Druid 12)

The drawback to many mounts is that they do not level with the player. A warhorse is great at low levels but as the player’s progress they become more of a liability than anything. Of course rules already exist for more exotic mounts (Animal Companions, Rearing Wild Animals, Magical Carpets, Etc) but they rely on class abilities, skill investments, huge time commitments, and sometimes its just not fun to ride a broomstick everywhere. To give the player’s more options which they may find enjoyable here is a baseline for purchasing exotic and/or advanced mounts:

An animal costs 200 gold per CR, which is cumulative (see chart below). Or more exactly (CR + 1) x CR x 100. This also includes advanced HD and templates. Though more exotic templates can be sought (Alchemically Invisible , etc), the typical merchant of exotic animals deals with things like Celestial Creature, Advanced Creature, adding levels of fighter, or most common of all simply adding More HD. The following are the costs per CR:

CR Cost*
1 200
2 600
3 1200
4 2000
5 3000
6 4200
7 5600
8 7200
9 9000
10 11,000
11 13,200
12 15,600
13 18,200
14 21,000
15 24,000
16 27,200
17 30,600
18 34,200
19 38,000
20 42,000
  • Please note – if a creature already has a listed price use that price instead. The above is only for animals not listed under equipment.

These prices are for domesticated and untrained adult animals. A pretrained animal costs an additional 25 gold per trick per CR. For instance a fully combat trained CR 5 animal would cost an additional 750 gold (25 × 6 × 5). An animal may also be trained with specific feats or skills in place of those they instinctively receive or what they naturally gain from advancement (See Retraining an Animal below). Each feat or skill costs an additional 50 gold per CR when purchased from a professional.

A young undomesticated animal (Typically an Egg or infant) costs half of what an adult would cost. Animals typically grow quickly in order to survive in the wild. Rearing a young animal until “adulthood” takes 4 months for a medium sized animal. Every size category over medium adds a month, while every size category smaller than medium reduces this by a month. While the animal is typically not fully grown, it is large enough to be treated as an adult and has been domesticated in this time.

Retraining an Animal

Using the Handle Animal skill you can retrain an animal while raising it (rearing an animal). You teach an animal specific skills or feats in place of those it instinctively receives. Each feat or skill increases the DC to rear an animal by 2. For instance, if you purchase an Owl Egg it would require 2 months to rear with a DC 16 handle animal check. If you wanted to retrain its skill point from Perception to Stealth it would be a DC of 18. If, in addition, you wanted to trade its Weapon Finesse feat for Skill Focus Stealth it would be another +2 DC, for a total of DC 20 to rear.


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