Mission Statement

“Rules should always be bent, if not broken. It’s the only way to have any fun.”

-Quantum, Quickling Exile and Apprentice of The Seer
(Quickling Ranger 9)

The number one goal in this campaign is for everyone to have fun. Everything else comes second. No matter my successes, if this goal is not met I have failed at my job as a story teller. Unfortunately this means walking a very fine line. Every player is different – each with their own goals, desires, and preferred RPG style. In addition it is also hard to resist a DM’s natural desire to push their own agenda.

To help me overcome these challenges and achieve unilateral player enjoyment I will attempt to create a guide I can use as my compass in leading our adventure. Realizing that I am flawed, I promise to my players that I will use this guide to keep true to our primary goal. It is my hope that every player will remind me when I am not living up to this promise in order to promote open communication and structured enjoyment for everyone.

  1. IS THIS FUN? It’s a simple rule and should be the question I ask myself every time
  2. Remember Quantum’s Quote! Every rule following is a guide not a law. Rules can sometimes discourage fun rather than promote it.
  3. There is no Accomplishment without Challenge. Without challenge then your real successes have no weight. Decisions should have consequences, otherwise the game becomes stale and is not fun.
  4. I am Not God. I have more control, knowledge, and power unfortunately. And that makes me a liability. It is my job to reign myself in and to give the players fair and appropriate challenges without becoming DM-zilla.
  5. Reward not Punish. Being rewarded is fun, being punished is not. We are here to have fun!
  6. It is my job to Moderate conflict. It should be achieved through open communication and by treating everyone with respect.
  7. Remember the strengths of the PC. PC specialization (Assassination, Trapfinding, Perform, Spying, Professions, Knowledge Nobility, etc) should be relevant and useful. A Players effort should not be wasted or discouraged.
  8. Remember the weaknesses of the PC. Classes with ranged abilities may enjoy fighting flying monsters, but the martials will have nothing to do. Avoid making players the Odd-Man-Out too often but don’t intentionally ignore a player’s blatant disregard for important talents.
  9. This is a social game. Its impossible to give each person 100% game time, but it is within my power (and is my responsibility) to keep each player engaged and entertained.
  10. Not all classes are equal. Some classes scale better, have a tool for every job, or both. I will strive to provide equal footing for every class by aiding the weak without penalizing the already strong. No one should feel overshadowed just because they want to play very specialized class.
  11. It is fun Role playing! We all want to be a hero. It is easy and simple to give player’s heroic moments, and it adds so much to the game. Don’t skimp uncommon skill checks, rare class abilities, or other unique talents!
  12. Rule 0 is a last resort. I promise to respect every player by hearing them out, talking openly, and considering every perspective. If I decide Rule 0 is in the best interest of the game I will ensure every player understands why, even if they disagree.

Mission Statement

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