Level Adjustment Buyoff

“We may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now”

-Feris, Speaker for the Peoples Union (958-989)
(Half-elf Bard 12)

Similar to 3.5 Reducing Level Adjustments optional rules, players may purchase off any level adjustments (LA) from race or templates. When a character with a level adjustment advances in experience, the level adjustment he started with (or gained in the course of play) becomes more and more of a burden. Eventually, the benefits of the creature type may come to be eclipsed by those of his class features, and the player may regret his choice of race. Under this system, the character can pay an XP cost to decrease the burden of his level adjustment. The entire system is simplified into the following:

  • You are first eligible to purchase off an LA when your ECL equals 3 X [Original Level Adjustment]
  • You may purchase off an additional LA every 3 ECL after the first
  • Purchasing off an ECL reduces your XP Total to the Minimum required for your previous level

LA = Level Adjustment
OLA = Original Level Adjustment
ECL = Effective Character level


Alice is a Half-dragon Monk. Half-Dragon has an LA of +2 so her OLA is 2.

She may purchase off her first LA at ECL 6 (OLA X 3 = 2 X 3 = 6)

At 23,000 XP she hits ECL 6 (Half-Dragon Monk 4) and may now reduce her XP total to 15,000 (Minimum XP for level 5) to purchase off one LA. Her Half-Dragon template is now reduced to LA +1, but her OLA remains 2.

Alice is now a Half-Dragon Monk 4 with only a single +1 LA. Her OLA remains 2. She will next be eligible to purchase off an LA at ECL 9 (OLA X 3 + 3 = 2 X 3 + 3 = 9).

At 75,000 XP she reaches ECL 9 (Half-Dragon Monk 8). Purchasing off her last LA she is reduced back to 51,000 XP and becomes Half-Dragon Monk 8 without any LA.

Martin (who has earned XP at the same rate as Alice) has 83,000 XP, compared to Alice who has 51,000 after spending 32,000 on Level Buyoffs. Martin is an Elf Wizard 9, while Alice is a Half-Dragon Monk 8.


EXP spent to buy off LA adjustments still counts against you when determining if you are a level behind. Giving free XP b/c your a were-direTiger half-dragon elder stone giant with mithrial arms doesn’t seem right ;p

EVERYTHING is subject to DM approval. PLEASE don’t put all your hopes on something before confirming it with me. I’m offering LA buyoff as an option for creating fun and interesting characters, not to min/max and power game. I may need to limit some options or adjust their CR. For starters the maximum LA will probably be capped at 2 or 3, though I would prefer it even as low as 1. As an example, Lycanthropy is technically a +1 LA, but it’s power is all dependent on the animal involved. A werewolf is +1 LA in my opinion, but a Tiger is +2 or 3.

Level Adjustment Buyoff

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