Knowledge History

“History repeats itself, first as farce, second as tragedy.”

-Tobias Myark, The mad hermit of the Shadow Isle
(Human Alchemist 20)

Considering that this campaign largely takes place on a plane just recently discovered, Knowledge History would have a reduced purpose. To make up for this Knowledge History will have a special function:

  • You may substitute a Knowledge History Check in place of another knowledge check, albeit with a circumstantial penalty (Typically 5, varies from 3-10).
  • In addition, 5 ranks in Knowledge History will provide a 2 point Skill Synergies to other knowledge checks… We learn the most from the past after all.

For example, to identify a Giant Eagle a PC may make a DC 13 Knowledge Arcane check or substitute a Knowledge History check with a -5 penalty.

Knowledge History

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