“Healing yourself is connected with healing others”

-Aolyin Grey, Order of the Unseen Lovers
(Catfolk Vitalist 6 Sacred Prostitute 5)

Heal is a skill I would like to see used more. Pathfinder gave it many fun uses, such as Heal Deadly Wounds or Torture. But I don’t think (hope) the party will be evil and this still makes Heal Lackluster. As such I am giving the Heal skill additional options. This can be useful in both increasing the parties damage, circumventing Enemy defenses, and determining the relative power of an enemy.


As a swift action a player may make a heal check to access the general physiology and health of a single target. The DC of this check is 10 + HD of the target (Minimum 15). This skill check takes a -2 penalty for every 10 feet of distance between the player and the target.

  • If successful they learn the targets Maximum HP and if the target is disabled, at negative hit points, or is dead.
  • If they succeed by 5 or more they learn of a non-magical physical ailment or beneficial effect on the target (Rage, Disease, Drugs, etc). For every additional 5 they exceed the DC they learn 1 more.
  • If they succeed by 10 or more they learn the targets current health and HD.
  • If they succeed by 15 or more they gain bonus Precision Damage equal to their Heal Modifier against that target on their next attack. This applies only to direct damage, not AOE attacks.

Whether a player fails or succeeds his check he may not attempt another check against that target for the remainder of the encounter. He may still use this abilities against other targets, and should he engage the target again at a later time he may attempt a new check.


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