“A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way”

-Justin Orphanborn, General of the Tecrid Empire
(Human Fighter 17)


The Campaign will be on the Medium XP Path with Bonus Experience. In addition to Bonus Experience the leveling will be expedited with challenging and fast paced encounters, Keeping “dead time” to a minimum, and rewarding quick game play.

We will be using the “Exact XP” option on page 399 of the Players Handbook. Experience will be individual, Not communal. Current experience can be viewed online using the link: Campaign Experience

My Thoughts on Experience

I am opting for individual Xp rather than our typical communal for several reasons:

  • It provides an easier platform with which I can reward players for contributing to the game.
  • It encourages players honor their weekly commitment. If one player has a spotty attendance record it is detrimental to everyone
  • It gives everyone the opportunity to “earn” their PC rather than have someone else earn it for them. I want my players to feel a sense of accomplishment.
Experience Distribution

That said, every player present at a session will earn XP no matter the source. Should the party be split (something I will strongly discourage) everyone will still get credited for challenges no matter where or with whom they occurred. No one should feel punished b/c they show up but were not given the same opportunities in the game.

Final Notes

If you make full use of the Bonus Experience rewards then you will be on the equivalent of the Fast Leveling Path.

And if someone is forced to miss a few sessions and falls behind we will work to catch that player up. Life is often more important that DND and we will make sure you don’t feel punished because of it. Please see the bottom of Bonus Experience for details.


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