How to Post an Adventure Log

1) Go to “Adventure Tab”

2) Select the “Edit” button (Looks like a piece of paper and pencil next to the “Adventure Log” title). PLEASE DO NOT “Create a new Post”. If you do its not the end of the world, I can simply create a new Adventure Log, Copy and Paste what you make there, and Delete the original… It is just a minor nuisance. Creating a new post will add the text directly to the main page, eventually creating miles of information to scroll through. Example:

3) Create a new page. This is done by making up a name for the new log and adding it between double brackets. For instance [[This is our Second Session!]] would create a link to a new page titles “This is our Second Session!”. Then add a vertical line “|”, retype the name, and add the date formatted as you see below. I won’t bother explaining why we are doing it this way, just please do so. If you would like you might write “Cliff notes” after the new link for more context. You will see examples of what I mean already there. Example:

4) Hit Save. You will be returned to the Adventure Log, with the new log you created in Green Text. Select this link. Example:

5) You will now be at the new log in “edit” mode. Write the log there. It looks like this:

6) Save the log by selecting “Create” at the bottom! Now whenever anyone selects the new link from the Adventure Tab it will take them to your post, where they can read or edit.


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