Combat Spreadsheet

It is revived! I am sad that we lost our original spreadsheet on 5/24/13 when my DND computer’s hard drive passed away. But death is a time for new beginnings, and this is no exception! If we were going to lose our data then it came at the perfect time – right when our party obtained Mythic.

From now on I will be hosting the spreadsheet “In the Clouds” here. If you ever feel the need to review combat details, current charts, or some of the more specific data it keeps track of (such as Max Healing, Average Damage per Hit, and other fun stuff) then peruse at your leisure.


If you are unfamiliar with Excel then here is a brief tutorial. You can navigate the pages using the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet. The important ones are color coded, though the only two you should need are the first one (a Sky Blue “S” tab) and the last tab (a Red “E” tab).

The Sky Blue S tab is the very first tab. It is where I keep all the player stats that the rest of the combat sheet uses. If you notice anything that is incorrect send me a message and I will be sure to update it (I often forget to do so). It also has extra info if you are interested. It displays your Total / MAX / Average for the following 4 categories: Damage Done, Damage Received, Healing Done, Healing Received. But it isn’t as pretty or intuitive as charts.

The Red E Tab is the last tab. It is where I keep the charts. Pretty simple stuff. The only thing that I need to explain here is that the “Cloud” version of the spreadsheet does not support embedded text boxes, so the charts aren’t labeled. Unfortunately I am unable to create vertical text with the built in chart titles. But Hopefully by now you are familiar with which is which. From Left to Right it is Damage/Max Hit/Healing. The top charts are your outbound, and the bottom charts are your inbound (received).

If you are curious the Red “C” tab and the Purple “F” Tab are there to tell the chart which data to crunch and serve as backup combat sheets should I forget to copy one before filling up. I slide them around when I want to take screenshots of “session only” data. The simple colorless numbered tabs are our individual battles. I wish I could label them with dates, but it would make scrolling through tabs take away too long. Sorry. If you want to review an individual combat you will have to dig the old fashion way. Just look at the enemy names until you find the combat you want.

Combat Spreadsheet

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