Character Backgrounds

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards”

-Dalinar Kholin, First of the Order of the Violet Flame
(Aasimar Paladin 14)

Character backgrounds are always important to have. They are a useful tool in fleshing out a complex character concept, as well a an excellent way for a DM to get to know his party and incorporate their individual histories into the world.

In this campaign here are several things I would like player’s to include, or at least think about, in their character background:

  • Age - If you are familiar with the Campaign Background you may realize why it is important you consider your age. If you are young then were you born in the world of Abyrinth or on your ancestral world? If you are an older PC then how do you fit into the last 93 years of history? Perhaps you were one of first through the puddles. Maybe you took part in The Pulse Wars. Who’s side where you on during the chaos, or were you neutral?
  • Faction - Are you affiliated with one of The Factions. If you are, then to whom do you owe allegiance. If you aren’t then are you neutral, undecided, lean one way, ignorant of the Factions and their politics, or is your loyalty to the highest bidder?
  • Birthmark - Yes this is one of those “He who is Prophesied” situations. Each PC has a birthmark. They are made of several smaller closely grouped shapes that may appear to be somehow uniform or designed. Unless you are twins, everyone’s is different and therefore do not raise any undo interest.
  • DM Request - Due to circumstances revealed later in the campaign I want you to know that every PC has had a near death experience in their early youth. This may or may not be included in your background. If you do include it feel free to make anything up that you find interesting. If it isn’t then we can assume that it happened too early to remember, or that the danger was narrowly avoided without you having any knowledge it even existed.

    This occurred in your EARLY youth, so it is unlikely (but not impossible I suppose) that you (at the tender age of 6 for example) “fought” your way out of a bandit ambush or otherwise are the hero in this particular chapter of your life.
  • Start of the Game - The game will begin with the party trapped inside The Lion’s Pride Inn, which is located along The King’s Road as it heads through “Tiamut’s Reach”, a western section of The Spine that runs into the ocean (LINKY). Due to several blizzards the party has been confined together for nearly 2 months, and therefor you may assume you all know each other and are perhaps even friends.

    In addition, for whatever reason you choose, each of you are traveling to The Shadow Isle. The Shadow Isle is known for its lack of sunlight (Thanks to the titanic peaks of “Tiamut’s Gaze”), undead nuisance, bountiful ore deposits, alchemically unique flora, and Irontown – which belongs to the Free Cities and is known for its exceptionally skilled crafters.

    It is not necessary to include it in your character background, but each player should be prepared to have a reason as to why they are traveling to The Shadow Isles. Delivering a message, seeing a friend, collecting supplies, exploring, scouting, commissioning a new weapon or armor, etc.

Character Backgrounds

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