Campaign Background

“Violence is the last, joyous resort of the improvident planner”

-Roc of the Byrd Twins, the head who does the talking
(Taddol Alchemist 4)

The following is a brief history preceding the start of this campaign (starting ~93 years ago). You are NOT required to read this history… it is only here if you are interested in learning it pre-game. That said, it wouldn’t hurt to know this history before designing a character. However, everything here can be learned on-the-fly while we play if that’s what you prefer.

The following should all be common knowledge to the residents of this campaign. Unless your PC has lived in isolation or is exceptionally uneducated then they will be familiar with all the information below.

In The Beginning

Before “The Pulse”, most races and cultures existed on separate worlds and had limited interaction with each other. Though planar travel was possible via rare and talented Spellcasters, it was uncommon for anyone to visit other planes of existence. As such the majority of the populations lived their lives unaware that other worlds even existed, and the educated few who knew of them did not feel the subject required further study.

The Pulse

Then “The Pulse” came. A shockwave felt across the multiverse, worlds were shaken by the awakening of artifacts that had been dormant for as long as memory served. Although many races had discovered the rings no world had yet to determine their purpose. That quickly changed. They were Planar Gates, each massive ring as large as a fully grown dragon. Each ring opened a gateway between itself and a sister ring elsewhere.

The rings became known as “Puddles” in the common vernacular. And while some of the “puddle pairs” where on opposite sides of the same world, the majority of the them led to the same place… A new and uncharted world full of the remains of an advanced and forgotten civilization – Abyrinth. Suddenly the multiverse was forced together and a new era began.

Dawns Hope

The Hub of Abyrinth was an ancient city that was christened “Dawns Hope”. It was the home of the overwhelming majority of Sister Rings. As each expedition stepped through the portals they discovered a sprawling city of unparalleled advancement. Towers of unimaginable height shot into the blue skies above. Systems of waste management and water distribution of incredible complexity awed those who studied them. Clearly planned, the cities districts were bisected by perfectly level roads. Perhaps most impressive of all the entire city was built on top of the ocean, its foundation lost to the deep below. And every inch was saturated with magic.

The city was clean and in good repair but seemed to be abandoned. Those greedy enough to plunder the city soon discovered it was not without its defenses. An army of constructs, often mistaken for magnificent statues, came to life to defend, repair, and maintain the city when necessary. Some organized attempts were made to defeat the city’s defenses, but whoever built Dawns Hope’s constructs also had a clearly superior ability in Magic and Weaponry. Each assault was a bloody and one sided affair. However, the city only seemed interested in defending itself if provoked or when needed to maintain the peace. It seemed to have no desire to oust its new arrivals as long as order was kept.

The only signs of “life” were the city’s mindless automatons, and because of their ability to maintain Dawns Hope the duration of its disuse was impossible to determine. And despite being clearly built by an advanced civilization, no forms of writing or recorded history could be found anywhere to give a clue as to the fate of its creators.

The Pulse Wars

The city remained peaceful due to its ability to defend itself. Outside the walls of Dawns Hope, however, violence began to escalate. The separate worlds quickly attempted to claim Abyrinth as their own. A war erupted, a war like no other before it. It was fought on foreign and uncharted soil against dozens of different enemies, all of whom had little tactical knowledge of each other. In addition the land itself claimed almost as many lives as the fighting. Unknown beasts with no fear of men, deadly and poisonous flora, and inhospitable terrain proved just as deadly as swords. It was a bloody affair with no real victors.

Though Dawns Hope itself was exempt from the violence it’s outskirts hosted the bloodiest soil. Every supply line came through those Puddles and crossed over what came to be known as The Reapers Road. A massive bridge extending from Dawns Hope to Abyrinth’s shoreline, every faction fought for its control. No one could hold it for long against the combined might of all the other warring factions.

The Pulse War raged on for 43 years. Dawns Hope became a center for political maneuvering and espionage while the rest of the world descended into chaos. The most difficult challenge each warring faction faced was keeping their new “Colonies” supplied and well fed. Hundreds of thousands of lives where claimed by spear point, and as many more by hunger and disease. The Pulse Wars lasted until the signing of The Violet Accord

Order of the Violet Flame

The Violet Accord was spearheaded by Ishyna Ravenlock, an Aasimar who had advocated for peace sense the beginning of the war. Signed by most the major factions, the accord divided Abyrinth into territories and formed a peace keeping force assembled from the members of all the races. Though given tenuous power, The Order of the Violet Flame has managed to maintain Peace between the Factions for nearly 50 years. While tension still exists between the empires open warfare has been avoided.

Abyrinth in Present Day

Dawns Hope still serves as Abyrinth’s Political and Economical center. The Kings Road is the primary means of travel, and is often plagued by bandits (or Faction soldiers masquerading as bandits).

Though The Pulse awakened the Majority of the Puddles, a few did not activate immediately. Over the last 93 years a few of the inactive devices have sense awakened as well. Each new device has its own mild shock wave, but nothing as dangerous as the original pulse. To date there are still several who have not yet opened.

A large portion of this world still remains uncharted. The territories further West suffer from a lack of supplies, due to the distance from Dawns Hope and unrest leftover from the Pulse Wars. Expeditions attempting to explore beyond Tiamut’s Spine very rarely return, and those that do tell tales of the horrible creatures who hunt northern Abyrinth. Travel has also proven dangerous. Attempting to sail north along the western shoreline is prevented by the frigid waters and Ice. No expedition attempting to pass the Stormwall along the continents eastern border has ever returned

Magical Exploration has proven very difficult, due to a strange phenomenon know as “The Echo”. Despite years of research very little understanding of the Echo has been accomplished. It is theorized that this world has remained undiscovered by normal Planar Travel because of its effects.

The Factions

Campaign Background

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