Bonus Treasure

“The prosperous can not easily form a right idea of misery”

-Feris, Speaker for the Peoples Union (958-989)
(Half-Elf Bard 12)

PC Wealth

The Party’s “treasure” will be based on Wealth by Character Level in a normal magic setting. However, several “challenges” will be added that may both increase and decrease wealth gathered throughout the game. Most often these will take the form of skill checks, but sometimes are determined by the choices made or exceptional cleverness. Here are some “for instances”:

  • The party rushes headlong into the hideout without scouting. The plate mail clad Fighter is heard “Stealthing” down the corridors. The main NPC gets away with much of the treasure (unknown to the party), leaving behind his minions to slow the party down.
  • The party makes a successful perception check to notice a hidden door behind the statue.
  • The party successfully notices and disables a trap and lock that would otherwise destroy its contents with a Fireball trap (in addition to saving the party some injury).
  • A successful heal check saves a young boy from a poison. When conscious, the party learns he is the son of a wealthy merchant and they are rewarded for returning him safely.
  • With clever use of disguise the party helps a group of heavily injured POWs escape an orc encampment without a sword drawn. Impressed by their success without a single casualty the quartermaster rewards them with an extra trinket.
  • The Prideful ranger refuses to address the prince with his proper title, does not kneel or bow, and possibly even insults him. The party’s promised reward is refused, the ranger is jailed and requires a hefty bribe or bail, or perhaps the prince goes out of his way to inflict other damages on the party.
  • A successful Knowledge Nobility check gives the players the edge when addressing the Kings Hand. Impressed with their proper etiquette he decides to replace his normal group of “pocket mercenaries” and begins giving them more and more rewarding tasks to be done in secret.
  • A knowledge Engineering reveals to the party that the distance between two rooms is larger than it should be. With a little searching they find a hidden passage leading to something interesting.
  • The parties chaotic neutral rogue helps himself to the Nobles hidden safe during an important conversation the rest of the party is having in the sitting room. He makes a tidy profit.
  • The parties chaotic neutral rogue is caught helping himself to the Nobles hidden safe. He is placed in the stocks and the party must bribe local law enforcement not to take his hands (or spring for a regeneration spell).
  • The party fails an appraise check. They are paid in fake gold when selling treasure the party doesn’t want.
  • The party lookout misses the half-orc rogue sneaking into their unlocked supplies and helping himself to a few valuables.
  • The party’s ingenuity manifests itself in a way the DM did not predict nor has a planned counter for, and therefor they earn themselves bonus wealth in an unexpected way.
  • The party is protecting an NPC cleric who needs time consecrating a sacred alter which has been recently desecrated by a cult of necromancers. They manage their resources exceptionally well and are able to hold out against the waves of undead much longer than is required. The ritual is so powerful it purges the entire section of catacombs. The exuberant townsfolk go above and beyond in rewarding their efforts.

If the party is reckless, lacking certain skills, or makes bad choices they may end up unknowingly earning less wealth. On the opposite if they have the resources to tackle most challenges, plan well, and are clever they can earn much more wealth than average. To earn maximum wealth it is advised the party coordinates their skills to ensure no “gaps” in their combined abilities.

At a minimum the party will always maintain “low magic setting” wealth (or half normal wealth by character level) and at maximum a clever party will be capped at “high magic setting” (or double normal wealth by character level). Should the party exceed this minimum or maximum “fate” (queue evil laughter) will ensure the party is returned to the normal limits. This is accomplished by thieves, sundering monsters, natural disasters, fines, or on the positive side of things simply stumbling upon a treasure trove.

I will be keeping track of all treasure distribution Here. You can follow along as we adventure if your interested. Please note that individual wealth may not be equal. Some players may earn or lose wealth based on their actions, and sometimes I may rewards a specific player extra treasure if their PC is under-performing compared to the rest of the party. My reasoning is detailed in Character TIPS and Classes Ranked by Power if you care to read up. Player input is always welcome in this regard.

Bonus Treasure

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