Bonus Experience

“Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God do you learn”

-Logan Ninefingers, Commander of the Blackbear Mercenaries
(Half-Giant Barbarian 11)

To help encourage a more enjoyable game for everyone rewards will be given out in the form of bonus experience and Hero Points. The following is a list of methods for earning bonus XP:

Arriving on time (or at least before the GM). Game starts at 6, will give until 6:15


Being Prepared. Character sheet is up to date, and you are prepared for and during the game


Helping Out! – detailed below (You may earn this Twice)


Ways Of Helping Out

Each player may volunteer for two special tasks. I will recommend no one takes 2 “In Session Tasks” as they may conflict with each other.

A lot of work goes into a game. These are designed to spread the responsibilities so no one is overworked. This way everyone can concentrate on developing an entertaining and interesting game. We all take from the game what we put into it! Volunteer work should take no more than 15-20 minutes each. Examples are as follows:

Between Session Volunteer Tasks

  • Keeping the Adventure Log. Keep track of what happens in each session and write a short description each week. We may instead keep track of this in an online spreadsheet or word document, if we decide there is an easier or more convenient format.
  • Treasure Keeping. Recording what loot the party discovers. Treasure discovered should be recorded Here.
  • Reviewing Online Characters Sheets and Inventories. Making sure all treasure discovered ends up in someone’s inventory, everyone has the right number of feats and skills, prereqs are met, HP is correct, etc.
  • Printing Monster Tokens. This involves printing out size appropriate images of requested monsters and NPCs to be used in creating tokens. This person should have access to a color printer of at least average quality. When required I will pay for any material costs (ink, paper).

In Session Volunteer Tasks

  • Creating Tokens. I will supply the needed resources to create the tokens. Should take ~1 minute to make each token and we may need up to a dozen per game. This would pair well with the printing of token portraits.
  • Helping to clean up before or after the game. Lets face it, we are a messy bunch and we don’t want to wear out our welcome.
  • Combat Manager. Being responsible for the initiative magnets and conditions each PC and NPC have during combat. I will supply the needed materials (Essentially the Dry Erase poster-board, Magnets, and Markers).
  • Monitoring used resources, buffs, and other durations (such as rounds raging, power points, mage armor, etc). Again I will supply the needed materials.

*If we have additional members Join our party then we will find ways to give them the opportunity to earn bonus XP if they want. This could be giving new special tasks or spreading the workload on the existing tasks.

End Result

Players should hopefully average 50% bonus XP: Being Prepared for each game, arriving on time, and helping out between and during the game. Using Medium XP Path with 50% bonus XP is the equivalent of the Fast XP path.

Catching Up

Of course life sometimes gets in the way. If a player misses a few sessions because of work, school, or other unavoidable life issues then we don’t want to punish them. In the case a player falls more than 1 level behind we will work together to help them earn bonus experience. This may be things like showing up early or staying late for an extra special cleaning, bringing pizza or beverage for the group, purchasing needed supplies (Vis-A-Vis markers, washers, books, paper, etc), creating a detailed and interesting character bio, or other random tasks.

Bonus Experience

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