Battle with the Toll Collectors

Like usual Stain had to save the party again! Cadmiel led the group disguised as “The Red Line”, getting the group within striking distance as Stain stealthed into position. Not one cannibal saw the giant bear in armor but Maven stands out on its back. Cadmiel, still disguised as Red goes to the left while Stain sets up his shots from the right.

While Cadmiel’s disguise fools the lookouts, the Leader sees through his ruse… but not before the leader unintentionally revealed that he is not the highest rung on the ladder with his words. Seeing his companions’ cover is blown, Stain fires a shot that is so powerful that it makes a hole in the ground under the leader, the debris was so impressive it almost settled upon Cadmiel’s laced cuffs. Stain then shoots the shit out of the bandit laying on his side. Maven runs up and looks at the body. Davos said some weird shit and made some sparkles. Cadmiel daringly engaged Tak (the leader) in a duel, while Stain massacred everyone. Cletus remembers his part of the plan and decides to help with the Ice Troll. Davos remembers he is not a fighter and drinks a potion, vanishing, while Cadmiel and Stain finished off the Butchers of the Ice Road.

The Leader, realizing that Cadmiel’s blade is a death wish and that Stain is too much man for him, decides to vanish and fly back to his camp. Cadmiel cried ‘Foul!’ at the flying development. Davos reappears deciding that Cadmiel and the two bandits dance party should become oil wrestling. Stain finishes the Troll with a flame arrow before putting a stop to the whole kinky affair.

Stain takes Cadmiel to scout the enemy camp as well as talk with him about what just happened. Did they touch your knotty bits? The bandits spot Stain, but are so frightened they run and hide. It is important to note, that no bandit saw Cadmiel’s shadowy approach. All but a few who stand around debating who is greater Stain or Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris doesn’t sleep anymore, as he knows that Stain will be there… waiting.

Cletus and Davos play goatball with the Leader while the other two are scouting.

With the scouting and Kaz’s intel the party has a pretty good idea of what they are up against. They decide for hit and run tactics, taking shots at the bandits and retreating.

In the first salvo the Human Monk is wrecked by a overhand smash by Maven. The party then retreats and circles around, waiting for the buffs the bandits have going to deplete.

Cadmiel then sneaks in and disables their wagon and waits for the second assault. The party attempts to stealth in but this time the bandits notice them just in time. Maven roars and charges into the fray, while Cadmiel uses the distraction to sneak behind the Cannibal and Flint Beastwood. Cleatus and Stain fire into the fray, dealing damage as they are presented targets. Once in the melee, Maven’s hand is guided by the righteous spirit of the Hebdomad. With a powerful and accurate thrust he spears Flint Beastwood through the heart and topples him onto the bonefire.

Springing from the shadows, Cadmiel blinds, unbalances and killes the last remaining cannibal on his camps’ own cookfire. Killing a beast without even sullying his Lunal Steel upon the child-eating bastards? A good start to a culling by any measure.

Davos enters the camp, and as he does the Sorceress appears, apparently waiting for the perfect shot. Fortunately, she is unable to activate her scroll on the first attempt. Maven rushes the sorceress immediately and drops her with a single powerful charge.

After the battle the party surveys the camp and takes their just rewards. They then return to The Snowed Inn for well deserved R&R, and Dantonian Dueling training for Svetlana and Cadmiel (She is beginning to excel at Scimitar & Buckler).

Battle with the Toll Collectors

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