Attribute Generation

“Success is achieved by developing our strengths, not by eliminating our weaknesses”

-Ishyna Ravenlock, the Silken Voice, Risen Sun of the Lost Age, the Storm of Violet Flame
(Aasimar Sorcerer 18)

Attribute Generation

Point buy: 34 Points

– OR –

Rolling: 3d6 + 6, dropping the lowest die

Opinion of a wordy DM

The players may pick their Poison. This is Epic Level Attribute Generation. PFS uses a 20 point buy. I prefer the epic level generation for several reasons:

  • It helps several under-powered classes that suffer from MAD (Multiple Attribute Dependency) such as Monks, Bards, Rogues, Etc. Most casters require only 2 Attributes – their casting stat and Con and therefor suffer less from lower attributes. This should therefor aid the less powerful martial classes more than the typically more powerful casters.
  • Statistically the game is never in favor of the players. Eventually you will have a bad roll. The BBEG crits you with his x4 Scythe, you fail your saves against a Hold Person, 1 bad perception check against the assassin sneaking into your tent. This helps give some “buffer”.
  • Its just more fun! Feeling way more powerful than the average peasant its half the reason we role-play.

And a little statistical advice… The rolling method averages 14.55 per roll, which is the equivalent of about a 36 Point Buy. The advantage of 34 point-buy is that you are in control of where your stats are. The advantage of rolling is that you will average better modifiers, but you may end up having them in stats you need less and aren’t guaranteed a 17 or 18. Personally I’m a big fan of rolling stats, but I like the players to have the option.

Cohorts, Thralls, and other NPCs

NPCs are not as powerful as the Heroes that makeup the party. As such their attribute generation is less powerful. If you have an NPC under your control that requires attribute generation choose from the following:

Point Buy: 20 Points
– OR –
Rolling: 3d6 x 6

Attribute Generation

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