Allowed Books and Resources

“Girls have an unfair advantage over men: if they can’t get what they want by being smart, they can get it by being dumb.”

-Aolyin Grey, Order of the Unseen Lovers
(Catfolk Vitalist 6 Sacred Prostitute 5)

This is a Pathfinder “Semi-Pure” Campaign. All SRD non-3rd party resources are 100% legit. I like most Pathfinder 3rd party material, but it still requires approval (A small number of it is OP). In addition each player may request 1 non-PF source. In an easier to read form:

  • All SRD NON-3rd party material. This is your primary resource.
  • Approved SRD 3rd Party material. If the 3rd Party Publisher box (Example1 or Example2) is present then requires approval.
  • Very few 3.5 Materials (see below).
  • No 3.0 or earlier material. They are simply not balanced around Pathfinder rules.
Approving Material Outside Core Pathfinder

If you want to use anything that isn’t Core Pathfinder then it will require approval. Don’t fret, I’m not here to be a Nazi. I just want to remain informed as well as ensure everything serves our primary interest – Fun! I like 90% of Pathfinder 3rd Party material. And as far as Non-Pathfinder Material…

Every player may request 1 non-pathfinder source (Such as Complete Warrior, Heroes of Battle, A specific Dragon Magazine, A Web-Enhancement, A Home-brewed item/class, etc). If approved this resource (most likely in its entirety) will be available for all players to use. Text, Email, Call, Ask during the session, whatever is convenient for you. The information I need is:

  • Name or Copy of the Resource
  • What specifically you want from the Resource
  • IMPORTANT! How your character will be using this. This includes what kind of synergy it will have with your other abilities. Out of context many abilities seem reasonable, but when used in unexpected ways can break the game. If you want the Imperious Command 3.5 feat to use with Cornugon Smash and Never Outnumbered then you need to let me know that’s how you plan on using it. (This combo makes me giggle so I left it as an example).

Approved Material

  • Complete Scoundrel (DM’s Selection… I like Skill Tricks!)
  • Character Flaws, which can be found here
  • All Pathfinder 3rd Party Races

Banned Material

  • Leadership (Unless gained as part of a class ability)

Allowed Books and Resources

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