Echoes of the Rising

The Violet Games Begin!

After speaking with Ser Aulric and learning of the Illithid and their plot to weaken Abyrinths defenses against the upcoming invasion the group returns upstairs to the ball.

They are invited into the Smoking Room and are treated to conversion with the elite of the nobility. Stain causes a seine grabbing the glass of wine from Sir Florence Knight and then tossing it into the fire. Only Stain had seen Arylen slip the white powder into Florence’s glass. Cadmeil stepped quickly to rescue his socially aqqward friend throwing his own glass into the fire and insulting the vintage. The wine turns out to be made Sir Thomas Dukat’s family who goes from insulted to astonished as the hero’s produce a bottle of Vintish Elven Red. Cadmeil decides that insulting one of the Closed Counsel members was fun so he sets out to insult them all. Cletus gives his wisdom to the young’ns. As Stain tries to decide how many of these men are in on Ash’s plan. Sign’s are pointing to maybe all of them.

They then spend the next several weeks performing in the various tournaments.

Stain wins both the ARchery competition and THe Great Race. Amazingly he does this on foot against a centaur and a hippogryph rider (Ambose Ash).

Cleatus goes tears through the Ironman competition. Dragging then lifting a wagon, throwing it over a wall, a tug of war with a herd of elephants, and ultimately claims victory by outpulling Half-Maw the Mountain Troll who is on the other side of a steel chain.

Cadmiel makes up for his close loss to Snuggie in the Performance Arts by out dueling several fencers in a best of 3 tournament. In the end he humiliates Ambrose Ash several times over – after being poisoned by the brat. Several important fencing masters are notably missing from the tournament. Investigation into the underworld reveals they were paid handsomely to be elsewhere this week by an anonymous benefactor.

Maven charges through the Joust with flying colors.

Davos is barely bested by (once again) snuggie in the Trivia games. Even so, people take note of the unbelievably complex questions required to defeat him. He makes up for this by defeating Lord Pun-Pun, who is seated on the Closed Council as the arcane adviser as well as serving as the headmaster of Magic School which is party of The University (the most prestigious learning center in the multiverse).

I encourage anyone to edit for detail, constancy, and amusement.

Cleatus... You uh, have something there...

The heroes make short work of the carrion crawler and Death Slaadi. They begin searching the tunnels and eventually loop back to the beholder’s territory where they find the only remaining tunnel. Scruffy pops out of a crack in the wall squealing madly and then takes off around the far corner. The Heroes fall into the swan formation behind Cadmiel and Scruffy. Cadmiel halts the party with a raised hand as his probing eyes make out a crushing ceiling trap, stopping half a pace from the pressure sensor.

“Such workmanship, a marvel of impersonal murder implements. Destroying you would be a crime, you cathedral to Unwary Death.” The swordsman sighs happily to himself as he points out the dimensions of the device to his comrades.

Busying himself with the trap the rest of the party readies themselves for trouble. The blonde elf brushes some hair from his face as he bypasses the trap just as two Umber Hulks burst from the bedrock and shuffle toward the party, building up speed to charge. Cadmiel quickly stomps upon the pressure plate, quipping “It would be a shame if something happened to this expensive security Lord Ashe has here.”. Taking out one of the Hulks while the other is granted the mercy of lead poisoning.

Leaving the acrid smell of powder behind them, the heroes follow the passage a short distance before Cadmiel finds another trap and signals a halt. This trap is disabled with the anticipation of another attack. Stain moves up to Cadmiel’s position. From there Stain spots a large creature moving in some water up a head. Stain greets the creature warmly with hot lead. Maven quickly follows turning the large brain creature into floating brain chunks. Looking across the room Maven sees two Illthids standing with his friend Cletus.

Cadmiel moves stealthily around the corner and sets up for a ambush. His wait is not long as one of the four Illthids soon moves into his range. Davos steps forth and fills the room with fire. Shots ring out and one of the flayers falls to the ground.

Cadmeil runs out of the room past Stain. Curious Stain follows as Maven and Davos kill the remaining Illithids.

Stain enters a side passage to find Cletus and Cadmiel fighting one another. Cletus screams, “Help me, Cadmiel has gone crazy!” But Stain can tell there is something wrong about his friend. His suspicions are confirmed as a three foot tentacle sprouts from the top of Cletus’s head. Cadmiel is breaking into a sweat parrying the assault of his dear friend Cleatus. The heroes manage to subdue Cletus and kill the final Illthid before searching the chamber.

The murky red pool of water continues to churn with movement. Stain peers down into the mess. “Whatever that thing is, its dead. Something else is down there.”

“Larva.” comes Davos’s voice from behind. “I should know more but I, uh, don’t have access to those books anymore. Just don’t let one near you.”

“There is something on the other side. Too much light.” Stain responds.

Davos lets out an audible sigh. Pulling a pinch of flint from his pouch he whispers a few words in draconic. Several balls of dazzling lightening explode into life. Stain leaps backwards, his knuckles white on Angry Boy and his eyes dancing warily between Davos and the lightning. With a simple gesture from Davos the orbs hurtle into the water. The water explodes with wild motion for several seconds before settling into a slow boil. Cadmiel steps forward and leans close to the waters surface, examining its depth. Stepping back he gives Stain a wide grin. “Looks clear!”

The party makes there way through the waters and clean them selves off with a little help of simple magics. Cadmiel bypasses a deadfall, and the party meets Ser Aulric. Aulric appears to be a Illithid unchained among many starving prisoners. Stain raises his gun, but can’t help notice this Illithid is starving too. This gives Stain’s trigger finger pause enough for Ser Aulric to tell his sad tale of torture and manipulation.

“Damn it! I believe him.” Stain says dejected as he lowers his gun.

“That or he’s the best card-sharp that ever lived, either way his story is too interesting to not look into.” Cadmiel flicks the ichorous, purple-green Ilithid blood off of the mistress and then the wife, storing them under his cloak."

Blood on the dancefloor with Snuggie and Cadmiel. Cadmiel’s “Chas’ao Dervish” style is barely bested by snuggies “Crouching Dragon” style. Cadmiel, rather oddly, accepts his dance-fight loss with grace. After all, when dealing with bards who are also dragons, it is most wise to be seen as generous and intriguing.

Trivia Tourney. Snuggie and Davos answer some truly astounding Arcane Questions in finals. When judges run out of questions Davos gets beat in the newly selected Religion Category.

Stain Hits a bullseye every round with a bow. Then he shows up Collem West in a firearm contest.

Maven rides through the competition on the Jousting comp but then looses to Ambrose Ash at the end. After knocking him off his bear Ash’s horse pee’s on the paladin.

Feel free to fill in the “juicy parts”. Select the edit button, located next to the titles post in the adventure log. It looks like a piece of paper with a pencil.

Into the Darkness

“Catch up as soon as you can” Stain says to the group and before the group can protest he activates his spectral shroud ghost walks through the door. On the other side is a spiral staircase made of roughly cut dark stone. It descends into the darkness. Wasting no time Stain begins his way down following the stomach churning visceral sounds emanating from below. Reaching the bottom he finds a large amount of dark negative-energy blood dragging off one direction. As he hurries to turn the corner another ‘POP’ in his ear informs him he is too late. The trail ends in the middle of a 3 way split.

Soon after the rest of the party stumbles in behind Stain. Maven approaches Stain rapidly, Anger clear in his eyes. Rather than repremand for his Cadmiel style actions, as Stain expected, he demands in a cold even tone “Which way.”

Wearing his normal grimace Stain replies “Vanished… Again. Lets look around and see what we can learn.” He decides to keep the blood he found and the story it tells to himself.

“He’s that way.” Says Davos in hushed tones, pointing northeast. Stain raises an eyebrow as a silent question. _"Magic, my lead throwing friend. Unlike your musket, it does much more than kill things." Stain gives a mild shrug and glances at the two hallways. One leads North, the other East. With a sweeping motion of his gun he gestures Cadmiel east.

Grinning Cadmiel takes off at a quick pace, his eyes sweeping every wall, ceiling, and floor. Rounding a corner he stops dead as he soon finds himself facing 20 blinking eyes.

Several eye beams flash and Davos disappears. Maven charges an albino Beholder gouging its great eye. Stain put a end to the albino as well as another Beholder. All as Cadmeil blinded a third Beholder by entangling the eye stalks and throwing his cape over it. The blinded Beholder is soon beaten to death. Seeing that the passage continues south the party heads back to the split and heads north. Not far down the tunnel Cadmeil spots a large cat with tenticals coming out of its shoulders. Our herioes almost fall over themselves to kill it! All while wondering where Davos went?

Two more of the Displacerbeasts appear and with the help of an invisable Aerlyn are quickly dispatched. As the last beast falls Maven looks over to see a amphibious humanoid staring back at him. These are some SURPRISINGLY powerful Kuo-toa, that cast some Super Pleasure Magic. Which segued into a Benny Hill style chase scene with many traps and explosions. Ending with some hungry Carrion Crawlers and a pack of Death Slaad. Oh and Cadmiel is writhing helpless on the ground and might have got him/her self pregnant! Forget the best part.

Now It's a Party!

Maven and Cadmeil drive into the Party with the silken precision of Olympic drivers. Smoothly moving from guest to guest as if they owned the room.

Cleatus dove in too. Though his dive was a cannon ball. Complete with wave or should we say radius. As no party guest willingly came with in twenty feet of him. A few of the braver waiters that were forced to serve him didn’t pee themselves. But despite the odd looks and the not so veiled rude comments about him he claimed a spot on the dance floor and enjoyed himself tremendously.

Stain feeling highly out of place made a bee line for the first military man he saw.

Davos stood at the entrance for a momment taking in the scene savering the lavishness of the delights before him. It had been a long time since he had been to a courtly affair such as this and this time he was a full fledged part of it. About that time another guest hands Davos his coat and say “And have it cleaned!” Before Davos can protest another guest had him their cloak as well as a silver. He thinks this is more familiar as he hangs and prestidigitizes the coats and begins excepting others a line has formed.

Stain make his way to General West who is in a sea of young ladies vying for his attention. Also with General West is Lord General Albert Swisher(Actually it was General Krausus, but I’m ok with the changes Justin – wink) , who aside from leading the Union army is a member of the Kings Closed Counsel. Stain decides this night might not be a complete waste of time after all. He decides to try and meet as many of the Closed Counsel as he can. The three military men talk for a while before West is stolen away by prettier company. Left with Lord General Swisher, Stain makes small talk and tells of his intent to win title in the Games. Lord General Swisher has heard a lot of boasting in his time, but he is truly surprised when Stain says he will be running and not riding in the 5000 mile race. Stain offers to race Lord General Swisher’s fastest horse as proof of his claim but Lord General Swisher just laughs and says, “We’ll see how you fair in the race. Then we’ll talk.” Stain then begins looking for any other Counsel member. He spots two. He head toward the one he doesn’t want to kill.

Davos finally making it away from the entrance and begins looking for another mage. He finds Arcmage Ender.

Stain makes his way to the hunched over old man that has his own radius of no body around him. The High Inquisitor a man known for getting the truth out of people by any means necessary. Stain’s blunt, no nonsense, and sometimes down right rude way of telling the truth put a smile on the old man’s face. Few had seen that smile and not been in great pain. Stain liked the old man. The two got along famously with the old man even inviting Stain to come visit him sometime.

At some point in the night Cadmeil changed sex causing many confused looks, people, and feelings!

Baron Ash ,the other member of the Closed Counsel Stain had seen, made him way to where the heroes had gathered. Ash, Cadmeil, and Maven exchanged veiled insults till Stain couldn’t take it anymore. But just as he was about to say something that would probably put him in chains a waitress spills a tray of drinks on him. Stain is shocked he didn’t even see her. Ash and many other guests laugh and disperse as Cleatus helps the waitress clean the mess. “Please, come with me to get cleaned up.” The waitress says as she leads the party out of the grand hall and away from the Party.

(Noooo, don’t split the party!)

As the heroes get out of the sight of the other party guests the waitress reveals herself to be Arelin, “Why do I keep finding you guys in the middle of all the trouble? Well as long as your here.” Arelin talks the heroes into helping her “explore” the dungeons of Baron Ash’s manner. She takes on the guise of a Guard and leads them past some other Guards baring Ash’s symbol. Entering the dungeon Arelin takes the heroes to the last cell. After looking around a bit she opens a secret door.

The door lead to a maze of tunnels. After looking around it looks as if these tunnels haven’t been used in a long time, and that Arelin is nowhere to be seen. Making their way through the tunnels they come upon a room with golems guarding the entrance. Naturally the heroes decide to go in, but not before Davos cast communal flight and invisibility on the party. With the help of that magic the heroes only set off one of the deadly traps in the room, and find a strange crystal coffin with what looks like a screaming man frozen inside trying to claw his way out at the far end. Davos says that this is a Soul Lock. It traps a soul and prevent a soul from being brought back to life. Stain says that this man looks like a man known as Fenris and that he must be set free. Deciding that it would be better to break the enchantment else where they put poor Fenris in a bag of holding and leave the golems to protect their now empty room.

After exiting the room they hear Arelin scream. Her scream is followed by a booming child’s voice,“What have you done with the peace keeper!”

Rushing to the sound the heroes find Arelin surrounded by tentical faced creatures. Cleatus runs to Arelins aid only to be hit by a barrage of mental attacks. The rest of the heroes follow close behind him flashing steel, lightning and lead. The six Illithids quickly becomes two as one of them yells in under-common, “Take a prisoner and retreat! We will ‘extract’ the information we need and then…”. His next order is cut short as The Wife buries itself in his abdomen and The Mistress crushes his windpipe. It slumps to the ground lifeless. Grabbing the stunned Dhampir the remaining two Mindflayers vanish in a dizzying display of dimensional twisting that leaves you with a brief headache. Stain feels more than hears a barely audible ‘pop’ from the opposite side of the ancient spiked door.
“NOOOO!” Belows Maven enraged. Behind him Er’el shakes his head slowly, clearing the psionic assault on his mind.

“Cursed Psionics!” exclaims Davos. “We must act quickly! Fold Space is short ranged magics.”

“Through there.” Says Stain, gesturing with Angry Boy at the large steel doors.

Arylin steps forward, pulling a leather roll from an inside pocket. “Give me a minute, ill get this thing open”.

Welcome to the Union Bitches!

The group was invited to the War Council by Rylai and Ril as her “honor guard”. This turned a few heads as members of The Order were not invited, but few were willing to express their displeasure directly. Half-Maws face print still adorned the chamber floor. Rylai announced the death of Durogar and her claim to the title of Chief.

This was not well received. The leaders of the tribes were ready for war and were looking forward to future bloodshed while once again under the leadership and support of the Ogres (not to mention the exceptional equipment they provide). Rylai, however, assured them that they ARE going to war, although neglected to include any details.

She was then informed that a woman could not be Chief. But with the support of the Hags and Changlings she was able to call this particular matter to challenge via Juris Makto. This drew many eyes to her honor guard, and specifically to Cleatus who grinned back amicably. None were willing to accept her offer of Juris Makto (Justice of the Fist) and the matter was settled.

After this a few hours were spent discussing her merits as Chieftain, as well as a few others who wished to claim the title. In this time you discover Rylai is a wealth of knowledge on the tactics of warefare. You also find out that Black Dow was the Father of Dak, and her Grandfather. This, more than anything, wins her the favor of many of the Tribes. Black Dow had led them to their golden age and killing him was their downfall. In the end Queen Rylai (Just Rylai, not Ril) was “elected” Chieftain of the Fist.

The party then heads to Sunrise Harbor to catch up with their ship Cloud Atlas. On board they find out details about their new contract from Captain Steev. Baron Ash will be paying them to serve as the Flagship in the parade celebrating the Signing of the Violet Accord. He will be paying them 15k a month for the next 6 months (including travel time). This is triple their normal rate for legitimate work and is a simple job. The party is not happy to find out the name of their contractor. Finally the group agrees to go along with it. Because they dont want to break contract, because it may gain them more information, and because they are going to The Crossroads anyway.

The Captain seems FAR too happy to hear that not only will they be accepting the contract but that ‘The Travelers’ will be entering the contests. Later he is overheard explaining this to his crew and encouraging them to save up so that they can place bets once there.

They stop off at The Seers to check that she is alright. She has not seen Arylin in awhile, as she has gone undercover somewhere, but she knows that she will see her again at ‘The Naming of the Champions’. Aolin is not only aware, but happy. Apparently the effects of the Echo have blocked her far-sight and she is living it up in the present.

The group then heads to The Union! Yay! Stain makes a bee line to the barracks, where he is stopped by several soldiers who do not recognize him. Eventually Stains mother, Tabitha, comes out to see about the commotion. She all too quickly accepts both Lucius’s and Stain’s new bodies. Lucius seems eager to take his female form ‘on a test run’ and Tabitha accepts, much to the embarrassment of Stain. Stain decides to detour from his family reunion to see his old comrade Brigadier General Collem West.

General West is shocked to see him. Not because it is his old friend Stain, but because he recognizes him as the man from his past, who shot Kavriz and saved the emperor nearly 35 years ago. “You haven’t aged a day!” the General comments. Stain explains who he is while skirting the issue of his past with vague generalizations. Eventually the conversation moves onto more mundane things, such as the upcoming tournaments and who is entering them.

Later the party recieves a runner from Captain Steev saying they are needed urgently. The Admirals have been ‘invited’ to a Ball hosted by none other than Baron Viktor Ash, General of the 1st Calvary, Prime Seat of the King’s Closed Council, and primary sponsor of the Violet Celebrations. Once there ‘The Travelers’ enjoy the extravagance before them. Most of the people…

More to be done, Feel free to complete =)

Archived Adventure Logs!
“When choosing between two evils, I always like to try the one I’ve never tried before.”

-The Shadowed Prince, if such a man exists

This is the archive of session notes we used before the changes to Obsidian Portal which added the time-line.

Stained Re-Union – 11/18/992
Back in the present the heroes head for the Union with hopes of stopping a Civil War.

The party hits 88 miles per hour – 11/17/992
Battlebear, Check! Wildly 2 dimensional twin headed Ogres, Check! Flux Capacitor, Check! Lets go (re)make History!

The Face of Evil – 11/17/992
The Heroes power through the baddies and one them finally lays eyes on the True Evil that faces them.

Into the Depths – 8/16/992
Our adventures head down into “The Great King’s Rest” both to stop Lord Haliax and The Mana Bomb as well as help Rylai and Ril earn their crown.

Return of the King – 8/16/992
Um, your king is missing his testicles. Shut up!

Wrestle Mania I – 8/14/992
Cletus makes an impression. Several in fact!

Exploring Sunrise Harbor – 8/13/992
Group arrives at Sunrise Harbor in their blinged out Air Ship and get to know the locals.

Deadly Reunion on the Open Sea – 7/15/992
Damn it Davos stop fire-balling our relatives!

Fuck This We’re Out – 7/13/992
The party decides to do some traveling.

One mans slave is another mans Meal Ticket – 7/11/992
The party adventures deeper into the secret basement. Combat ensures, Cletus nearly falls to poison, teleportations go wrong, and everything falls apart.

They could have been slaves – 7/10/992
What to do with these kids? Don’t worry we have a friend in town. They will be safe with him. Why is the DM smiling like that?

The White Farm – 7/6/992
We Got This!… Cough, Cough, I don’t feel so good.

Dead Kids and Time Travel and Demon Trees, Oh My! – 7/5/992
After destroying the evil cavern the party find themselves with some sick kids and some hard truths. Not to mention there is a Oracle to see.

Look at the Big Brain on Brad! – 5/28/992
The party follow the Brain creature back to its evil lair. Only to find even greater Evil waiting for them. Oh, boy!

In the Hands of a Mad Man and a Daemon – 5/26/992
I an attempt to find a cure for the strange disease effecting Irontown the party tracks down the Mad Hermit. Question is he more dangerous than the disease?

The Walking Dead – 5/11/992
Good GOD they won’t stop coming! Undead, the Unliving, Walkers, Biters, the Living-Imparred, a small kitten, and animated corpses galore! Not exactly my favorite vacation spot.

The Legend Begins – 5/10/992
Our heroes learn of their powers, and what possible future lies before them. They, far more than most mortals, have the free will to shape their destiny. Will they create a better world? Or will the world better them?

On Names – 10/08/799
Centuries after the final battle of River’s Run, a Lantern Archon is able to taste of Maven’s thoughts, and hear a recounting of his moment of ascension.

On Angels Wings – 10/08/799
Wherein the adventurer’s battle against the darkness reaches its climax, and the tales of the party as a whole may be found.

The Road to Irontown! – 4/29/992
Sussey Q plays with Cleatus’s Maypole, Svetlana slips Cadmiel a little something, Maven plays TAG with a dragon, Irontown is briefly explored, The group is teleported to the wise “old” Seer, and they go on a time traveling adventure. Oh my!

Battle With the Toll Collectors – 4/26/992
The true account of the attack at bandit pass! The party lets cry the sounds of war and distributes justice to those who would prey on defenseless travelers. Kaz the rage chemist, Flint Beastwood, the Mad Frigid Bitch, and a rage cursed Troll will not stop our heroes today!

The Snowed Inn – 4/25/992
The starved guests are escorted out of the cave and to safety, the party smells trouble with Oleg and Svetlana, A pair of mischievous Fey make trouble for the group and are then befriended, We learn how Cleatus gets laid as he makes some very powerful moonshine, and the party literally blows up the “tax collectors” that come to make the Trading Post’s life hell, and the party’s “Paladin” insists on beating an unarmed-tied-up-manacled-pinned-under-a-horse-in-a-choke-hold-half-dead man who has surrendered.

The Cave – 4/22/992
We proverbially Kick Down the Door! Disfigured Ice Troll goes all “Kalima” on a human sacrafice, Hobgoblins actually fight tactically, Cadmiels makes two smugglers his bitch, and Cleatus goes Wrastlin’ with a giant Troll Hound.

The Spider Queen – 4/21/992
The party battles the Mother Tomb Spider, saving Harry Dresden. Cleatus makes a new friend and boy is she a handful. The party releases a captured Windrider named Littlefoot, and then prepare to kick down a door.

First Session – 4/20/992
Happy Birthday Gideon, here’s a tentacle rape! Larder battle with Rats (Obligatory first combat), An obnoxious young Noble, Old Grandparents growing sick, Tunnel with literal “DM rails”, Traps, Monsters, Undead, and Evil Gods… God I love Fridays!


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