The Great Circle


The Great Circle sits at the nexus of all the territories in the Green Sea. A great circle of stones surrounds a massive dais that can comfortably seat the entire council of the Plainswalkers. It is most often used for formal meetings, but also serves to “induct” new clan leaders.

Built upon a powerful ley node (the crossing of multiple ley lines) this artifact is used to channel great energy with a singular purpose. It is considered sacred ground by the Plainswalkers and few outsiders have been allowed to tread upon its power.

When a clan member has proven themselves and the council believes they value the life of the clan above their own they are summoned to The Great Circle. Not all return, but those that due return reborn greater than before.

The Chosen clan member is first attuned to the altar during a ritual spanning the entire night under the Twin Moons. It ends with a DC 35 Spellcraft check with up to 5 “Aid Another” attempts from other council members. Should the attunement fail both the Chosen and the “Chala” must make a DC 25 Will save or die from the strain. Should either perish from attunement the incredible magic of the ritual shatters their soul, preventing any resurrection attempts.

After the attunement is successful the clan member spends 3 months in solitude with his Chosen “Chala” (“Totem” in the common language) until the next Twin Moon. The Chosen’s Chala is most often an animal companion, although those with a close bond with a non-companion Chala have been known to achieve “bonding”.

After 3 months together both the Chosen and the Chala must make a DC 25 Will Save. Failure for either means the bonding has failed and the entire process must start over, and re-attunement must be established. If the Chala is an animal companion both the Chosen and the Chala receive a +4 bonus to this save. If either has the “Wild Empathy” ability they receive another +4 bonus.

If the bonding is successful the chosen and his chala once again return to The Great Circle. Laying across one another a ritual is performed ending with a single spike driven through the heart of both Chosen and Chala, piercing their hearts. Once again both Chosen and Chala must make saves, this time DC 25 Fort saves. Failure for either ruins the ritual and once again (should they be resurrected) the entire process must start over.

If the entire ritual is successful the Chosen and the Chala are resurrected the following dawn in a hybrid form. This functions in all ways as a “natural Lycanthrope” except for the following exceptions: The Hybrid is the body of the animal with the torso of a biped (like a centaur), they do not gain DR/Silver or the “Curse of Lycanthropy” ability, and the Chosen and Chala may be more than one size category different than one another (assuming the largest size category with “undersized weapons” ability when in Hybrid Form).


The Great Circle

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