Templar's Armor


Armor Bonus
Max Dex
Armor Check Penalty
Arcane Spell Failure
Templar’s Armor
20/15 Ft


This prestigious armor is given to the champions of The Order of the Violet Flame who have achieved Knighthood. It is hand crafted specifically for each knight and is decorated and engraved with their individual religious beliefs. As such it also serves as a Divine Focus and Holy Symbol if so required. Despite it’s name it is given to all The Order’s knights and not just those who have achieved the status of Templar Knight.

The level of custom detail and skilled craftsmanship that goes into each individual suit of Templar’s Armor gives it the protection of Full Plate while allowing the mobility and nimbleness of lighter armors. It only requires Medium Armor Proficiency for its owner to use without penalty.

However, because it is custom fitted for the body and fighting style of each Knight, it can only be worn effectively by the Knight it was designed for. If donned by anyone else its AC bonus and Max Dex are reduced by 2 each, its Armor Check Penalty increases to -5, and it is considered Heavy Armor.

Although most knights of The Order are heavily armored clerics or paladins, a handful of those who have donned Templar’s Armor have been known to use even lighter versions.

Templar's Armor

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