Noble Coin


Although the size of several normal coins, a Noble is surprisingly light. Made from an alloy of platinum, gold, mithril, and adamantine it never tarnishes or scratches. Embedded in the center of each coin is a diamond, which glows softly with magical energy, casting light like a small candle.

Nobles are minted by the Banking House of Valiant and Bold. Each are worth 10 platinum pieces (100 G), a price which is backed by the bank. Typically they would find little use in real world application as their value far exceeds normal day to day purchases, but they have a unique function.

The gemstone embedded in each coin is suffused with magical energy. How the bank manages this is unknown. The coin(s) can be used in place of expensive material components used in spells. Unfortunately the process which releases the coin’s magic is an all or nothing proposition, and “tapping a Noble” destroys the coin utterly no matter the amount of magical energy required. Each tapped Noble grants enough energy to replace 100G worth of material components.


Noble Coin

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