Hrilga's Ember


This thick 3 inch cigar stub never goes out or burns away. It burns with a glow that sheds light like a candle but does not burn live organic material. Smoking the cigar is dangerous for any but a follower of Torag. Only a Medium or larger creature can attempt to smoke the cigar, which is a free action. Creatures doing so must succeed at a DC 16 Fortitude save or gain a negative level. Each time a creature attempts to inhale, he or she must make another save, but receives a cumulative +1 bonus for each successful inhalation in the past 24 hours. The cigar can be inhaled in almost any environment, including under water.

Once inhaled, the smoke can be exhaled to the detriment of nearby foes. The smoking creature must exhale within 1 round of inhaling or be nauseated for 1 round, coughing up the potent smoke into its own square. A creature can blow the smoke as a standard action in a 15-foot cone. Creatures caught in the smoky cloud must succeed at a DC 16 Fortitude save or be nauseated for 1 round.

In addition, inhaling the smoke provides the following bonuses for 1 minute; +4 to all craft checks, +4 to diplomacy when dealing with dwarves, the Intimidating Prowess Feat, and provides as much oxygen as would a normal breath. These are circumstantial bonuses.

Apparently Stain has been moonlighting as a Mage and Upgrading this

Can craft all day, plus 16 bonus cigar gives same effect of Air Bubble, plus 100 bonus Shrouds your face in smoke, plus 1400 bonus grants a field of non-detection 10ft, plus 9001 bonus summon controllable Tarrasque 2/day


Supposedly this cigar once belong to the Hrilga Shield-Maiden. This celestial dwarven werebear serves Torag loyally in all things and is one of his most trusted champions. It is said that the power of creation granted to her by Torag suffuses even her breath and is what forged the enchantments binding this cigar with its powers.

According to lore this relic was lost during The Battle of Heaven’s Hearth. The Imp known as “Sparky” stole the cigar during the chaos of combat hoping to gain enough favor from his lord to stay his hand in the face of defeat. Supposedly this trophy grants much prestige within the Abyssal Planes.

Hrilga's Ember

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