Faerie Kissed Moonshine


This Moonshine has been enchanted by Fey magic. Faint auras of Enchantment, Illusion, and Transmutation can be detected. Anyone who imbibes a single quaff gains a 1d6 Moral Bonus to their highest Attribute. In addition they must roll a percentile Dice on the following chart to determined its random effects. Unless otherwise stated the duration is 1 encounter.

1-3Shrink 2 Size Categories
4-6You swap bodies with the nearest humanoid. This lasts 12 hours
7-9You fall desperately and passionately in love/lust with the next person you see (DC 17 Will Negates)
10-12Become Incorporeal and Invisible
13-15Ghostly images of dancing fairy’s swirl around you guiding your hand. +4 to Damage Rolls and skill checks.
16-18You are attacked by a swarm of Rabid Butterflies, – 4 to all attacks and skill checks
19-21You begin to Levitate Uncontrollably rising 20 ft each round
22-24Your eyes become Golden Orbs of Sunshine. Gain Blindsight and Truesight.
25-27Your eyes become empty black sockets, you are blind
28-30Your body turns to Adamantine and your skin is festooned with bright gemstones. Gain DR 10/- and multiply your weight by 10
31-33Your skin becomes thin and mucousy. You gain a Stench Aura (DC 10 + 1/2 HD + Con) and you taken an additional 1d8 from all damage sources.
34-36You and your gear become nearly weightless. Gain +50 circumstantial bonus to acrobatics checks when jumping
37-39Your gear becomes unbearably weighted. Everything on your person weights 10 times their normal amount.
40-42Your skin grows thick layers of bark and you sprout wicked thorns. Gain 6 Natural Armor and a secondary slam attack.
43-45You begin to endlessly Projectile Vomit uncontrollably. You are Naseated
46-48You are transformed into a Dragon! As per Form of the Dragon III, except you are a Huge Faerie Dragon
49-51You become highschool drunk. Treat all movement as if you are on a grease spell (DC 17 Reflex)
52-54Your body accelerates rapidly. Gain 90 enchantment bonus to Movement Speed
55-57Your body rapidly ages, you become hunched and arthritic. Reduce all movement speed to 5
58-60You transform into a diminutive kitten, but keep all your normal attributes
61-63You are transformed into yourself as a small child. A human would become 5 years old. This lasts 24 hours
64-66You become a Woman! -2 to Strength and intelligence
67-69Your voice Booms unbearably loud! Each time you speak deal 1d8 sonic damage to everyone within 100 ft.
70-72You gain a raging erection! -6 Penalty to Intelligence and -2 distraction penalty to all skill checks. This lasts until you have been “satisfied”
73-75Your next bowel movement is solid gold festooned with bright gemstones (500G in value)
76-78You Immediately have your next uncontrollable bowel movement.
79-81Justin Chooses a single penalty from this list and you roll again
82-84Gideon Chooses a single penalty from this list and you roll again
85-87Robert Chooses a single penalty from this list and you roll again
88-90Isaac Chooses a single penalty from this list and you roll again
91-93Steven Chooses a single penalty from this list and you roll again
94-96DM Chooses a single penalty from this list and you roll again
97-100Roll Twice on this list and choose between them

With a little Fey Magic from the Faerie Dragon Perlivash and a lot of help from the Dhampir Cleatus, this Moonshine was created at the “The Snowed Inn”. Previous spirits distilled by the Inn’s operator Oleg Levington had proved wildly unpredictable, to the point he had given up on his still. It wasn’t until the arrival of the party and the discovery of the trouble making Fey that the source of the still’s issues were resolved.

Faerie Kissed Moonshine

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