Dwarven Blast-Cap Hammer

An "Earth-Breaker" retrofitted with a Single Use chamber of Blasting Powder

weapon (melee)

The crude metal of this massive hammer’s heads end in multiple blunt spikes that act as triggers for the Blast-Cap. On a successful hit the Blast-Cap spews fire out of each end, dealing 1d12 Fire Damage to the target. Unlike normal elemental effects, this fire damage may be multiplied on a critical hit.

On a misfire (Natural 1, 2, or 3) the attack automatically misses, the wielder suffers 1d12 points of Fire Damage, the hammer gains the Broken Condition, and the wielder must roll a critical confirmation roll. If the confirmation roll is also a natural 1, 2, or 3 the hammer’s massive head explodes in a shower of shrapnel. Everyone within 5 feet of the wielder takes 2d6 points of piercing damage in addition to the Fire Damage. Everyone except the wielder may make a reflex save for half damage (DC 15).

Reloading the Blast-Cap chamber requires 1 minute and 2 doses of Blackpowder.

Martial 2Handed750G2d6X314 lb.BBlast-Cap (1d12 Fire)1-3


Abyrinth’s most prized resource has been the advanced technology and magic abandoned by those now known as “The Ancients”. Explorers brave (or stupid) enough to seek out and scavenge what has not yet been ravaged by time are rewarded with truly impressive relics of ages past.

One such relic has been a new weapon aptly named “Firearms”, due to their explosive qualities. Although no one has been able to duplicate a working firearm as advanced the ones The Ancients created, reverse engineering has yielded less sophisticated versions of the weapons.

In the earliest stages of their development the dwarves used the black-powder that fueled these weapons to enhance their own arms. The Dwarven Blast-Cap Hammer is one such invention. It is a perfect example of the destructive power that can be gained by those who choose to gamble with its unstable nature.

Dwarven Blast-Cap Hammer

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