Dark Days

Maven's Lol-Tastic Spatha

weapon (melee)

Dark days are coming to this world, and this blade perhaps exemplifies that fact. As Maven destroys evil, this weapon absorbs each essence that he has personally felled. As the occupants become more and more monstrous, a dull keening echoes out near the blade, a screaming that is barely in the range of human hearing.

Legendary Enhancements (9 Available)
Tier 1 – Upgradable: Able to enhance it as if one had the relevant feat, takes 8 hours
Tier 2 – Powerful (1): +2 Legendary Points
Tier 3 – Foe-Biting: Spend a Mythic Point to double damage, spend two to double Critical damage
Tier 4 – Unstoppable Strike: Spend a Mythic Point to make touch attack, spend two to ignore deflection bonuses
Tier 5 – Returning (1): Spend a Mythic Point to teleport blade to hand
Tier 6 – Powerful (2): +4 Legendary Points
Tier 7 – Powerful (3): +6 Legendary Points
Tier 8 –
Tier 9 – Spellcasting
Tier 10 – Spellcasting – Miracle 1/day

Current Epic Enhancements/Cost: 215,630 GP
- Sacred Avenger: 202,630 GP
– Adamantine: 3000 GP
– Transformative: 10,000 GP

This +3 cold iron longsword becomes a +5 holy defiant cold iron longsword in the hands of a paladin or a lawful good mythic creature. If the creature wielding this weapon is a paladin with mythic tiers, she can also grant the weapon the brilliant energy special ability on command. Dismissing the brilliant energy ability is a free action.

When wielded by a paladin or a lawful good mythic creature, this weapon provides spell resistance equal to 5 + the character’s paladin class level (if any) + the character’s mythic tier (if any) to the wielder and anyone within 10 feet of her. It also enables the wielder to use mythic greater dispel magic once per round as a standard action, with a caster level equal to either the wielder’s paladin class level or double her mythic tier, whichever is higher. Mythic greater dispel magic functions as greater dispel magic including the benefits of the mythic dispel magic spell, but when the wielder dispels a spell, she heals 1d6 points of damage for every spell level of the dispelled spell instead of healing 1d4 points of damage.


Dark Days

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