Blast-Cap Dagger

It looks like a dagger

weapon (ranged)

This dagger looks and functions as a dagger with the fragile condition do to the fact that it does not have a full tang blade and has a hallow hilt when unloaded. The hilt is made to hold 20 doses of black powder and to ignite on impact. Don’t stab someone with a loaded one of these unless you want to lose an arm. Made to be thrown!


Developed by the Union as a way to have relatively untrained troops use black powder in combat. The blast-cap dagger was used the with only minimal miss-hapes and friendly casualties. However do to the stories that have circulated about those miss-hapes most troops throw this weapon far to early to be effective and has been largely phased out in the main forces of the Union army. They are still found on more well trained solders and even a few of the braver officers.

Blast-Cap Dagger

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