Blackfinger's Scabbard


This enchanted scabbard is made from unknown material dyed such a deep shade of black that it almost seems to absorb ambient light. The source of the leather is impossible to identify and has a soft silken texture more supple than lambskin. Silver bands, etched in runes, reinforce the sheath and give it shape. Engraved into its surface are scenes of Dancing, Dining, Spirits, and Frivolity. On closer inspection, however, the details reveal half hidden things lurking in shadows, laughter that more closely resembles screaming, and panic that at casual inspection appeared to be dancing.

Blackfinger’s Scabbard contains a small pocket of extra dimensional space and fits any bladed slashing or piercing weapon, from a dagger to a greatsword.

When a weapon is placed into Blackfinger’s Scabbard, both it and the weapon become invisible (as the invisibility spell) until the weapon is drawn, at which point it and the sheath become visible again. The invisible sheathed weapon can still be detected by touch, but the bearer gains a +5 bonus on Sleight of Hand checks to conceal the weapon, and casual inspection does not reveal it at all. Other effects that detect or reveal invisible things work normally on the sheathed weapon.

In addition, 2 doses of contact or injury poison may be applied to the sheath directly. Those not skilled in the use of poison still risk poisoning themselves as normal. The poison is quickly soaked directly into the scabbard, further contact does not risk ill effects. When drawing a weapon from Blackfinger’s Scabbard the wielder may, as a swift action, apply one dose of stored poison to the weapon. This action does not risk accidental poisoning.


Blackfinger's Scabbard

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