DC 25 K. Arcane/Engineering

Atium is the name given to the strange metal “The Ancients” remaining structures are built of. Dawn’s Hope is comprised almost entirely of the Metal as are the other rare ruins. It is theorized that all of their ancient civilization would be lost to the ravishing of time if it wasn’t for this amazingly resilient substance.
DC 30 K. Arcane/Engineering

Atium has a hardness of 40, 100 HP/in. of Thickness, and Regeneration 40. It also is completely immune to magic as it acts as an Antimagic field.

DC 35 K. Arcane/Engineering

Atium’s immunity to magic can be temporarily dispelled by either Mage’s Disjunction or a Wish/Miracle spell. In both cases the Regeneration is suppressed for a number of rounds equal to the caster level of the spell.

Melee weapons and ammunition made from the Metal increase their Critical Multiplier by 1, ignore hardness less than 40, and have a +10 circumstantial bonus on Sunder Maneuver checks and defense. The bonus to Sunder Maneuver Defense also applies to ranged weapons.

Armor made from Atium grants its wearer damage reduction of 3/— if it’s light armor, 6/— if it’s medium armor, and 9/— if it’s heavy armor. Atium armors are also one category lighter than normal for purposes of movement and other limitations. Heavy and medium armors are treated as light, but light armors are still treated as light. This decrease does not apply to proficiency in wearing the armor. A character wearing Atium full plate must be proficient in wearing heavy armor to avoid adding the armor’s check penalty to all his attack rolls and skill checks that involve moving. Spell failure chances for armors and shields made from Atium are decreased by 20%, maximum Dexterity bonuses are increased by 4, and armor check penalties are decreased by 6 (to a minimum of 0).

Additionally it has been discovered that an organic network of crystal grows within the Metal. It’s purpose is unknown but the crystal conducts electricity at 99.9% efficiency.

DC 40 K. Arcane/Engineering

The most extensive experiments performed on Atium has been done by The Union. Most notably they have managed to create a suit of Half Plate, a crown, and a Falchion from the substance. This was done using High Lord Ender of Enderbough and his apprentice Lord Pun-Pun (Currently holds the seat of the Arcane in The King’s Closed Council) to suppress the metal’s ability to regenerate while simultaneously applying copious amounts of fire magic. Via this method they were able to shape the metal for almost a half hour each day. Combined the items took nearly 2 years worth of work to complete.

Similarly it has been discovered that the Break DC for Atium is 90. This was successfully achieved by use of a team of Ferrous Giants heavily supported by psionics and alchemy. This was done with clever use of the following powers manifested over a network using a metaconcert: Strength of my Enemy, Endorphin Surge, Psychofeedback, Greater Metamorphasis, and Assimilate.



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