Echoes of the Rising

Worst messagers ever, or the best?

After a bit more temporial time travel future talk. The heros are ripped back to the present.
“Is everything Ok in there?” A gaurd yells as the heros learn time travel makes a lot of noise.

After asuring everyone that everything is “Ok”, Stain says he has some shoping to do. He tells Tote-sack to come with him and begins to leave the barracks. Before he is more that halfway down the hallway San dan Glokta meets him. Glokta says that Stain summoned him and Stain braces for the trap to Sprint! Instead of demons and dragons Fennris shows up and subbmits himself for inquisition. San dan Glokta asks Stain if he will deliver a message to Baron Ash. Cletus eagerly takes the message. “I’ll give that to em! Ya I’ll give that t’m real good.” San dan Glokta and Stain both give Cletus a wary look. “I’ll make sure it gets to him.” Stain says finally and the heroes head to the Ash manner.

As a heroes approach the Ash manner they notice that wagons are being loaded for what looks like a long journey. Cletus almost gives one of the servants heart attack as he tells him he has a message for Baron Ash. The servant says that he will bring Baron Ash to them in rushes off, but the heroes follow close behind him. They find Baron Ash in his main hall.“What is the meaning of this!” Baron Ash demands.

After Cletus says some very insulting things to Baron Ash, Stain cuts to the point taking the message from Cletus and handing it to Baron Ash. Ash reads a letter before exclaiming. “This is outrageous. I don’t have time for this. I’m leaving on long trip. My son can answer any questions the inquisitor thinks he needs answered.”

“You ain’t going nowhere.” Cletus says matter-of-factly. Ash manages to sputter some weak protests under Cletus’s towering gaze. Suddenly one of the servant says in the disembodied voice. “Kill them all!”

Cletus takes one look at the speaking servant with his true side eyes grabs the thing and exclaims. “Tentacle face!”

Stain without missing a beat unloads a full volley into the creature. The servant stops moving, but still appears to be a normal human. Stain gives Cletus a questioning look before trying to diffuse the situation. “Everyone calm down before someone dies.” Of course no one listens to him, and it looks like there is no turning back. The bodies hit the floor or the prismatic wall in some cases.

Cletus runs down Victor Ash as he tries to saddle a horse in the stables. “Where you think your go’in?” Ash almost wets himself as he slowly turns to face Cletus.

“Well what do we have here?” Ash turns to the new voice a momment of hope showing on his face, but as he looks to the smiling face of San dan Glokta a puddle begins to form around his designer shoes.


JosephZ Lynx189

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