Echoes of the Rising

We Remember!

Brought back to a present that the Travelers don’t recognize and than doesn’t recognize them Stain is practicality frawthing at the mouth about blowing things up and ripping a whole in time to set things right.

“Things are not always so simple my friend.” Davos says with sorrow.

“No, this time I believe Stain is right.” Maven says with halo eyes and holding out a purple crystal. The crystal is from Asmodius and outlines a target for Stain’s hostile intent.

“At least this is a problem that can be stabbed, how much does anyone want to bet that these won’t explode when they die?” Cadmiel asks, his question falling on his friends’ ears deafened by emotional fatigue and rage.

“No takers, eh?” Cadmiel looks to the Wife and Mistress, “Apparently, none of us are allowed to have nice things.”

Following Asmodus’s instructions they start on the ten-day journey to his target. A high mountain stronghold cleared of thunderheads, and a gathering of the dark forces like a carpet of sin await them. On their way up the mountain Stain spots an invisible group of warforged. Speaking with them the Travelers learned that they are attempting a final assault on the dark forces of their own. Seeing that their goals are aligned the groups press on together. Entering the temple the heroes begin wading through every baddie they had ever met and some new one. Cadmeil uses a psi crown to fuse him and Cletus becoming Cleadmeil (or is it Cadmeius?). Either way they/he is awesome and terrifying as they start off by killing the blood-drinking wave of Victor and Ambrose Ashe, Svetlanna, Suzie as well as a pair of vamps that no one recognizes in about 12 seconds. He/they begins dropping demon lords almost faster than Stain can shoot them. With Maven pressing the attack in his new body and Davos placing prismatic walls to help fortify their advance the battle is decidedly one-sided.

Hearing cries for help the hero’s turn him to find the warforged being overwhelmed by the lesser demons that had been left in their wake. Unwilling to leave their new comrades for dead the Travelers rush back to save them. Destroying the demon threat takes only a matter of moments, but as they turned back they find that their enemy has gathered its forces and is ready to meet them. Dragons, demons, and Illthid come snarling forth ready to bring doom to the heroes.

Riding a kill high, a cackling Cadmieus leaps into the nether in order to get around a prismatic wall at the psi-healer Illithid, only to be ripped back into to different people. Cletus and Cadmeil continue their charge suffering the effects of the nether, coming out smoking but only a little bit worse for wear. Punching through the veil of the bridged void, Cadmeil closes on the Illithid heals-networker while Cleatus closes in to knock a pair of dragon skulls into pulp. Cadmiel fights through the anger and griief having killed off his favoirite two students, impaling and decapitating the Illithid in a single fluid movement, Cleatus on the other hand has gone red-eyed and serious as the surreality of ending Suzie Q weighs upon the vampire hunter. Cadmiel is forced to evade the fell-gunslinger, the withdrawal placing he and Cleatus back to back as they have fought so often before. The horde uses this opportunity to take the initiative, bathing the two heroes in the full brunt of two Dragons’ breath weapons. The two heroes are caught off-guard by the onslaught from both the nether and the dragon’s breath, Cletus is unable to withstand the enemies assault and falls unconscious. Maven quickly guts the red dragon before charging into the main fray, his eyes glowing gold amidst the crimson spray of arterial violence. Stain moves almost quicker than the eye can see as he lays down murderous covering fire, the brave Davos moves with mercurial speed to protect Cletus beneath a dome of prismatic, sparking, energy.

The heroes beat the baddies then the baddies summon Cthulu.
One of the wareforged hands Stain a crystal and tell him it needs to be broken in the nether.
Stain does this and it hurts.
Maven, Cadmeil, and Cletus die!
Davos saves Maven and Cadmeil.
Cletus is taken into the warforged matrix.
The heroes barely defeat Cthulu. Then beat his ass like bitch when he reforms!


JosephZ Tallthulu

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