Echoes of the Rising

They Flanked Us!

The Travelers leap into the timestream ready to take on the demon hordes of the past. Finding new and known evils they work their way through the temple chambers. Finally they come across a dark ritual. Though seemingly putting a stop to it one of the future White Tower Elders flees from the room with a magic object. For the next few seconds the Travelers bring hell to demon’s, but in the tide one faithful member falls.

Maven hits the ground rolling and is on his feet before the bear hits the ground driving the demon before him across the room. As shots ring out all around, a large hole appears in his chest, and an acid cloud springs up before him blocking his view of the staircase he just saw. Down the stairs Stain stares down his opposite and possibly equal. A huge demon gunslinger holding a fancy smoking gun.

Davos quickly casts a prismatic wall to block off the huge evil gunslinger and Stain from the rest of the party taking heart that he only hears Stain’s tiny muskets angry retorts. Cletus runs to save Cadmeil from the daemon lord he is currently humiliating before releasing Davos as been left open to attack. Catching the daemon’s clawed hands inches from the elven caster Cletus proceeds to throw the bewildered evil creature around the room.

Cadmeil decides to show the balor mercy and removes its throat. As it falls and sits still for a moment his smile turns to disappointment. “I thought these things where supposed to explode.” As he prods the lifeless corpse with the Mistress. BOOM!

Cletus glares over at Cadmeil’s smiling smoldering face before Davos reminds him he is immune to acid and points to the cloud. “Oh ya I’m cumin Stain!” He yells discarding the lifeless rag doll of daemon and barrels through the acid fog. As he reaches the other side a massive shot rings out and even Cletus’ massive form is spun by the impact.

The Travelers dispatch the demons with flair and fiery explosions. Just in time to kick in the door to the next room and see a shadow Dragon disappear into a time rift. Helpless to do much else they loot the bodies and speak to a very confused future elder. Stain looks at his shiny new gun and grits his teeth knowing that they just won a battle but lost the war.

All fears are confirmed as the Travelers are flung back to the future and find themselves in a hellscape. Snuggy soon appears in an impish form and provides the Travelers with their new history lesson. All of the demonic plans had come to fruition and many had happened sooner than on the Travelers known timeline. Gathering as much information as they can from the somewhat insane Dragon in imp’s clothing before they are thrust back into a present that they no longer recognize.


JosephZ Lynx189

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