Echoes of the Rising

The Naming Ceremony

Pomp and Fair and Fireworks and The Cloud Atlas

The Travelers (and Snuggie) given Titles. All granted knighthoods, while Stain, Snuggie, and (begrudgingly) Cleatus are granted title of Baron. Stain looks oddly uncomfortable and angry (even for him) his eyes keep shifting to one end of the stage.

Rewarded with Halfling Contracts – Enjoy your new bitches.

“Leader” of the Rebels is revealed! General Collem West is hanging from a rack mid stage.

Black Dow’s Fist attacks! Chaos ensues. Stain rushes to the Emperor’s side. “Get behind me!” He shouts as he opens fire on a Hill Giant behind the Emperor. As the bullets hit there mark screams come from the beast like a curios of tortured souls. “That can’t be good.”

Cletus rushes over to West and shatters his chains as if they were cobwebs. “Stain, git tis man a gun!”

A soft magical voice drifts over the stage. “Kill the Emperor.”

The Emperor’s face turns white as normally friendly faces are filled with murderous intent. Stain resists the compulsion of the spell and thanks to one of his magical do-hikees he knows where it came from. His eyes narrow on the curios target of an Owlbear. The Emperor stumbles back as attendants become assassins. Only to feel the light touch of Cadmeil supporting him as he casually swats away two assailants one armed with a silver serving tray the other a golden wine craft. “Don’t worry I got you, Bro.” Cadmeil says to the Emperor as he swats yet another of the would be frenamies, somehow now wielding the gold wine craft.

Davos casts some defensive magic on himself and his friends before telaporting to the top of a pillar for a better vantage point. As Maven charges the biggest thing Stain hasn’t shot yet. Snuggie Transforms into a colossal dragon and casts some spell of his own. As Susey Q and her family begin lifting into the air.

Cletus helps West to his feet and even smiles at the Ogre that he sees coming up from the Arena stairs. His smile quickly disapears as he turns on his truesight and see that his Ogre is actually a Balor! Fenris and Stain’s parents rush from the crowd and grab Collem West before disappearing back into the chaos.

Stain fires again at his weird screaming Hill Giant. As it falls the send a few into the Owlbear. A two headed four armed Ogre teleports to the center of the stage only to be met by an assult of thrusts from Cadmeil. Maven chases his Big Baddy as it makes a bee line into the council members not on stage. Davos, feeling a bit frisky at seeing Snuggy’s transformation, turns himself into a Dragon. Cletus locks horns with the Balor swearing with every straining muscle that Baron Ash must die!

In a second heart beat Stain opens fire again this time dropping the spell casting Owlbear. When the “Owlbear” goes down so does its illusions. Everyone gets a good look at their real attackers and no one is happy. Maven seeing the true face of who he has been chasing and his eyes glaze over and Oh’boy you have to Die! Davos’s smile soon drops from his draconic face as he sees Aolin being torn to peices and Arylin fighting for her life againtst another Daemon. Davos begins the Banishment Spell preying it will be enough.

The Daemons use a blade wall spell to try and separate the party to little effect. Davos’s spell removes one of the Daemons, but Arylin falls as the remaining daemon turns to the Seer. Davos feeling powerful in his dragon form charges the Daemon. Only to find himself in its clutches. Cletus uses the blade wall to his advantage holding the Balor inside it. Cadmeil has no idea what the hell this thing is but he is having a fantastic time making a fool out of it he even threw some of its demon blood into the eyes of Queen Terez, who enchanted was trying to attack her husband, the Emperor.

Many more shots are fired, but in the end Snuggy manages to catch Susy Q and her famaliy, Two Council Members are dead, and Two friend lie with them. Oh, and there souls are trapped in Hell. Merry Christmas!!!


JosephZ Tallthulu

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