Echoes of the Rising

Law and Order: Special Travelers Unit

After helping Victor Ash into the loving hands of San dan Glokta, the heroes head for the temple. At the temple the daemons black sword is quickly spirited away and with Davos’s help the priestess Ashona turns the daemon’s heart into a minor artifact. Ashona says with the help of this artifact the evil of the daemon can be undone. All she needs to do is find the victims. The heroes tell her that they know of at least one. She is a bit surprised to find out that San dan Glokta’s afflictions stem from daemon magic, but says it explains a lot. Ashona and the heroes then do something almost no one does of their own free will. They head to the Inquisitors.

Arriving at the inquisitors the heroes asked to speak to San dan Glokta. The guards refusing entry at first, but after a few long moments of weathering Cletus’s stare one of the guards rushes off and the hero’s are soon granted an audience. San dan Glokta is skeptical to say the least when he hears of the artifact. The heroes say that he will just have to trust them unless he knows of another victim of the daemon’s magic. A wicked smile spreads over Glokta’s face. “I might be able to help you with that.”

Glokta leads the heroes and the priestess down into the dungeon. They enter a room and discovered a partially filleted Fenris. Despite his current condition he greets the heroes with a cheery smile. After a bit of banter the priestess Ashona uses the artifact on Fenris and he is made whole again. Glokta seeing that the artifact works is soon restored himself. Elated that he is been returned to an unbroken body and for the first time in many years is not constant pain Glokta thanks the heroes with an unbroken smile. Glokta and the heroes retired to his study for food and drinks. While they enjoy refreshments Glokta conducts the nicest and gentlest round of questioning that he has ever conducted.

With all immediate business in the Union concluded the heroes head to the University to try and find the second node. The heroes use their newfound fame to gain an audience with Ender. Ender finds the hero is very interesting for “flesh bags”, and soon agrees to show them the node. Ender begins talking about the power and majesty of the node is the heroes notice this one is much smaller than the Core. The heroes then ask Ender if he would like to see another node. Ender surprised and intrigue that another of these wonderful things exist agrees to go with the travelers.

The group teleports into the middle of some very surprised ogres, but before any of them can do anything stupid Ryle and Reil greets the travelers warmly. Ender is introduced to the two headed ogre-mage Queen and they begin a conversation that only Davos can follow. The rest of the group thank the gods that these people are on their side and try to plan their next move.

The travelers decide that the illithids are the most immediate threat and the node under the World Tree should be their top priority since that is where the illithid are supposed to be coming from. With this in mind they decide that they must go and get Sir Alrich. Teleporting back to the Union the heroes head back to the inquisitors. They are surprised to find and gain an audience with the Emperor himself. After Glokta displays his findings the Emperor issues a blanket pardon to all the rebels. The Emperor seems quite taken with the heroes and even ask their advice on who to fill the Close Council seats. Stain takes the opportunity to suggest his grandfather for the labor position. The Emperor agrees and Stain decides to press his luck asking for the justice position himself. The Emperor says the position is his and Chief Justice Stain is born. Stain smiles and the hairs stand up on the back of every criminals neck in the Union.

With Sir Alrich in tow the heroes head back to the University next stop the World Tree.


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