Echoes of the Rising

Keys to the Tree

The Travelers head to the World Tree in search of the node and the Illthid threat. After a bit of searching they come across a some what familiar bridge. It looks just like the bridge outside the Ogre temple or the Core as the hero’s have come to call it.

Cautiously approaching they find a Jaberwalky standing guard. Stain says hi and the rest of the gang follows suit. The poor poor Jabberwalky never stound a chance.

As the hero’s pull the Key piece from the twitching poetic nightmare they sigh, knowing that they have two more they must collect. Examining the door Davos laughs at the simplicity of the ancient secrets. He seems genuinely surprised that no one knows what he is taking about. Davos begins a dumbed down explanation of the symbols on the door. After several blinks and stares from his companions he finally points to the map Stain is holding up. " Here and here." He says dejected.

Following Davos’s directions the Travelers make their way to the mountains. Flying up the side of the mountain they are surprised by not one but two Tempest behemoths. Davos battered by winds and blade like feathers is knocked from the sky. As Cadmeil, Cletus, and Stain fight the Gail force winds of the behemoths and there endless hail of blades they smile as they hear a familiar roar on the wind. Maven comes tearing out of the sky like a beautiful bear riding angel. Davos is soon back in the fight and with the Travelers back at full strength the only question is do we have time to train them as mounts. Deciding they are on a timetable they take the Key piece and reluctantly leave the immortal creatures be.

The final piece leads the Travelers to deep waters. Part of witch is a Living Lake. The near invisible creature takes the adventures by surprise, but is soon dealt with. The aquatic behemoth holding the last key piece seems tame in comparison. With the full key in hand the Travelers head back to the door at the World Tree.

Here is where things get interesting!


JosephZ Lynx189

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