Echoes of the Rising

Future so bright I got to where shades!

The heroes find themselves once again thrust into the future. Only this time they find something much more disconcerting than enemies in the gate. They are greeted openly and it seems the heroes are very much alive and well in this future. There are still troubles at the Eye and dragons have been attacking since the Storm Wall fell. But this appears to be the brightest future the heroes have seen yet.

There is a bit of confused conversation that reveals among other things Stain to be a General and some very important people referring to Cadmril as the Rogue Trader. Kas, a mystery man, and a very pregnant Arilyn come rushing into the room. They are referred to as the dragonslayer’s and bring news. Some of the dragons have slipped past the lines and are approaching the palace. After a few moments their news is punctuated by one of the tower walls collapsing. The father of all Linnorms visible through the dusty rubble on its back rides the demon the heroes had just slayed in the past. As the heroes spring into action many try to use their mythic power, but to no effect. Instead they see the mythic energy pulled from their bodies. The energy flies to another fiend outside the tower. This new enemy appears to be some blood red worm surrounded by prismatic sphere.

The father of All Linnorms uses its breath weapon to great effect as it flies around the tower. Stain runs to the opening in the tower and disappears. Davos cast fly on himself and the rest of the party before turning his attention to the prismatic sphere. Cadmeil, Davos, and Cletus take to the air. Soon after they take flight though the colossal Dragon speaks a few magic words and their flight spells are dispelled. As the three begin their thousand foot plummet several things happen at once. Cadmeil falls only a few feet before jamming his scabbard into the tower wall. Davos teleports back inside the tower, and Cletus grabs hold of the behemoth stopping his dissent. That is until Stain’s next volley which robs the beast from the sky. Cadmeil seen his friend falling to his doom leaps from the tower wall. Grabbing hold of Cletus he removes the harpoon from Cletus’s hand. He then throws the harpoon back into his scabbard still embedded in the tower, and swings him and Cletus back to relative safety.

Davos continues to try to bring down the prismatic sphere, but as one more poll of mythic energy flies towards the blood red beast it laughs and disappears. The demon sneers down at the heroes want in hatred in its eyes one final glare and it to disappears. The heroes wIn the day but can’t help feel they have lost. What will the demons do with the mythic energy? Will allow them to travel through time? Why does it feel like this bright future just got darker?


JosephZ Lynx189

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