Echoes of the Rising

Fenrir, Fenris, and Feris meet the Party

Cadmeil has a conversation with Jewels de Latont. Interesting history there.

The Iron Man Games begin. Cadmeil and Cletus both decide to participate. Maven desperately desires to join, but his illness makes withdrawal necessary. As the assault begins, Cletus simply stands in the centre of the arena and observes the chaos around him. He is completely unperturbed, in contrast to his companion, Cadmeil, who is dancing flamboyantly and constantly. Both competitors manage to avoid barrel after barrel, while their competition is knocked either bodily from the ring, or unconscious. Eventually, the competition is reduced to two competitors: Cletus and Cadmeil. At this point, the barrages that are required to even cause the competitors to flinch are so devastating that the crowd that is throwing them are forced consistently away from the terrible deluge they must inflict upon the potential champions. Ever further the crowd retreats, while the two refuse to succumb. One spectator in particular relishes his role in this particular game, straying less than the rest of the crowd, and in fact remaining within the blast radius of most of the effects, so he can maintain the best possible firing point. Stain fires his somewhat good-natured taunts at Cadmeil and Cletus far below, as both dodge, weave, and simply endure the deluge thrown their way. Eventually, the sheer onslaught that the two are presented with forces Cletus to his knees, and Cadmeil to unconsciousness. When the victory announcement is called, Cletus falls bodily onto his face as exhaustion overcomes him. Soon after, both Cletus and Cadmeil are returned to consciousness in order to learn which is victorious. With this pronunciation, the games are finished – Cleatus is victorious. The Colosseum sits quiet as the mutant vampire demon takes his third victory. HODOR!

Fenrir is pulled from the carbonite. He reveals a crazy plot twist shortly after Stain tells his mother to fuck off.


JosephZ GauntsGoose

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