Echoes of the Rising

Devil's Advocate

After unlocking the great doors the Travelers make their way through an exact replica of the Ogre temple. Though they think they are ready for anything they are dumbfounded by what they see next.

Before them is a sight that would cause lesser men to loss their minds and even the strongest of men to have nightmares for the rest of their lives. Our heroes have a much different reaction. Before them Devil lords and Illthids fight in mortal combat. In the center of room the great god Asmodius himself being engulfed by a world tree sapling. Maven’s eyes see red and he charges the Evil god only to rebound off of some sort of invisible force wall. He returns to his companions to find them still taking in the scene. Davos seems to be fixated unraveling the magics that he sees playing out before him. Cletus is openly smiling and Stain is frowning in that way that you know he is happy. Cadmeil on the other hand has produced a glass of wine and Maven gets the feeling if he had a chair he would be sitting. Maven bites down the anger that his friends aren’t taking this seriously, but as he turns back to the scene he can’t help stare a moment himself.

The Travelers can’t stand to be spectators for long though and enter the fray. Davos starts laying down protective spells as Cadmeil and Cletus charge the Elder Brain on the other side of the room. Cletus sneers at the Evil god as he passes it. Stain winks from sight and the sound of shots echo off the walls. A widening hole appears in one of the the Illthids, but Stain curses as the tentacled thing remains standing. Maven tears into the closest Devil as Asmodius yells at him.“You fool, they’ll kill us all!”

Maven takes no heed to the Evil god’s words as one devil falls and he begins hacking into another. Davos identifies the Illthids healer and Stain switches his focus. Cletus and Cadmeil engage the massive Brain, but it proves to be resilient. Another devil falls as the illithid it was fighting thanks Maven with lashing tentacles.

The now bleeding illithid healer blinks out of sight through a spacial fold as Cletus begins hammering the Elder Brain against the invisible barrier surrounding Asmodius. Cadmeil dances past a horrific creature that falls in his wake the blood he flings from his blade and the body the only evidence anything happened. The droplets halt in mid air as Davos stops time. Stain and Maven are the only part of the group close enough to be effected by the spell, but they can’t help noticing Asmodius moving inside the illithid trap. Stain begins running around and finds the illithid healer. He also finds the Bloodqueen performing some sort of ritual on the node. Stain yells for Davos as Mavens and the Evil god stare at one another.

The Travelers finally kill the Illthids and Maven frees Asmodious in order to stop the Bloodqueen. Asmodious tells the Travelers that they must deconstruct the nodes in order to get the Key fragments before the Daemons can. He says that the Key is needed to reseal The Destroyer, Asmodious’ son. Asmodious show them how to remove the Key fragment from this node. Then he tells the Travelers that the he can sense the Daemons manipulating the timestreem, and once again it’s time to go back in time!


JosephZ Lynx189

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