Echoes of the Rising

Archived Adventure Logs!

“When choosing between two evils, I always like to try the one I’ve never tried before.”

-The Shadowed Prince, if such a man exists

This is the archive of session notes we used before the changes to Obsidian Portal which added the time-line.

Stained Re-Union – 11/18/992
Back in the present the heroes head for the Union with hopes of stopping a Civil War.

The party hits 88 miles per hour – 11/17/992
Battlebear, Check! Wildly 2 dimensional twin headed Ogres, Check! Flux Capacitor, Check! Lets go (re)make History!

The Face of Evil – 11/17/992
The Heroes power through the baddies and one them finally lays eyes on the True Evil that faces them.

Into the Depths – 8/16/992
Our adventures head down into “The Great King’s Rest” both to stop Lord Haliax and The Mana Bomb as well as help Rylai and Ril earn their crown.

Return of the King – 8/16/992
Um, your king is missing his testicles. Shut up!

Wrestle Mania I – 8/14/992
Cletus makes an impression. Several in fact!

Exploring Sunrise Harbor – 8/13/992
Group arrives at Sunrise Harbor in their blinged out Air Ship and get to know the locals.

Deadly Reunion on the Open Sea – 7/15/992
Damn it Davos stop fire-balling our relatives!

Fuck This We’re Out – 7/13/992
The party decides to do some traveling.

One mans slave is another mans Meal Ticket – 7/11/992
The party adventures deeper into the secret basement. Combat ensures, Cletus nearly falls to poison, teleportations go wrong, and everything falls apart.

They could have been slaves – 7/10/992
What to do with these kids? Don’t worry we have a friend in town. They will be safe with him. Why is the DM smiling like that?

The White Farm – 7/6/992
We Got This!… Cough, Cough, I don’t feel so good.

Dead Kids and Time Travel and Demon Trees, Oh My! – 7/5/992
After destroying the evil cavern the party find themselves with some sick kids and some hard truths. Not to mention there is a Oracle to see.

Look at the Big Brain on Brad! – 5/28/992
The party follow the Brain creature back to its evil lair. Only to find even greater Evil waiting for them. Oh, boy!

In the Hands of a Mad Man and a Daemon – 5/26/992
I an attempt to find a cure for the strange disease effecting Irontown the party tracks down the Mad Hermit. Question is he more dangerous than the disease?

The Walking Dead – 5/11/992
Good GOD they won’t stop coming! Undead, the Unliving, Walkers, Biters, the Living-Imparred, a small kitten, and animated corpses galore! Not exactly my favorite vacation spot.

The Legend Begins – 5/10/992
Our heroes learn of their powers, and what possible future lies before them. They, far more than most mortals, have the free will to shape their destiny. Will they create a better world? Or will the world better them?

On Names – 10/08/799
Centuries after the final battle of River’s Run, a Lantern Archon is able to taste of Maven’s thoughts, and hear a recounting of his moment of ascension.

On Angels Wings – 10/08/799
Wherein the adventurer’s battle against the darkness reaches its climax, and the tales of the party as a whole may be found.

The Road to Irontown! – 4/29/992
Sussey Q plays with Cleatus’s Maypole, Svetlana slips Cadmiel a little something, Maven plays TAG with a dragon, Irontown is briefly explored, The group is teleported to the wise “old” Seer, and they go on a time traveling adventure. Oh my!

Battle With the Toll Collectors – 4/26/992
The true account of the attack at bandit pass! The party lets cry the sounds of war and distributes justice to those who would prey on defenseless travelers. Kaz the rage chemist, Flint Beastwood, the Mad Frigid Bitch, and a rage cursed Troll will not stop our heroes today!

The Snowed Inn – 4/25/992
The starved guests are escorted out of the cave and to safety, the party smells trouble with Oleg and Svetlana, A pair of mischievous Fey make trouble for the group and are then befriended, We learn how Cleatus gets laid as he makes some very powerful moonshine, and the party literally blows up the “tax collectors” that come to make the Trading Post’s life hell, and the party’s “Paladin” insists on beating an unarmed-tied-up-manacled-pinned-under-a-horse-in-a-choke-hold-half-dead man who has surrendered.

The Cave – 4/22/992
We proverbially Kick Down the Door! Disfigured Ice Troll goes all “Kalima” on a human sacrafice, Hobgoblins actually fight tactically, Cadmiels makes two smugglers his bitch, and Cleatus goes Wrastlin’ with a giant Troll Hound.

The Spider Queen – 4/21/992
The party battles the Mother Tomb Spider, saving Harry Dresden. Cleatus makes a new friend and boy is she a handful. The party releases a captured Windrider named Littlefoot, and then prepare to kick down a door.

First Session – 4/20/992
Happy Birthday Gideon, here’s a tentacle rape! Larder battle with Rats (Obligatory first combat), An obnoxious young Noble, Old Grandparents growing sick, Tunnel with literal “DM rails”, Traps, Monsters, Undead, and Evil Gods… God I love Fridays!


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