Echoes of the Rising

We Remember!

Brought back to a present that the Travelers don’t recognize and than doesn’t recognize them Stain is practicality frawthing at the mouth about blowing things up and ripping a whole in time to set things right.

“Things are not always so simple my friend.” Davos says with sorrow.

“No, this time I believe Stain is right.” Maven says with halo eyes and holding out a purple crystal. The crystal is from Asmodius and outlines a target for Stain’s hostile intent.

“At least this is a problem that can be stabbed, how much does anyone want to bet that these won’t explode when they die?” Cadmiel asks, his question falling on his friends’ ears deafened by emotional fatigue and rage.

“No takers, eh?” Cadmiel looks to the Wife and Mistress, “Apparently, none of us are allowed to have nice things.”

Following Asmodus’s instructions they start on the ten-day journey to his target. A high mountain stronghold cleared of thunderheads, and a gathering of the dark forces like a carpet of sin await them. On their way up the mountain Stain spots an invisible group of warforged. Speaking with them the Travelers learned that they are attempting a final assault on the dark forces of their own. Seeing that their goals are aligned the groups press on together. Entering the temple the heroes begin wading through every baddie they had ever met and some new one. Cadmeil uses a psi crown to fuse him and Cletus becoming Cleadmeil (or is it Cadmeius?). Either way they/he is awesome and terrifying as they start off by killing the blood-drinking wave of Victor and Ambrose Ashe, Svetlanna, Suzie as well as a pair of vamps that no one recognizes in about 12 seconds. He/they begins dropping demon lords almost faster than Stain can shoot them. With Maven pressing the attack in his new body and Davos placing prismatic walls to help fortify their advance the battle is decidedly one-sided.

Hearing cries for help the hero’s turn him to find the warforged being overwhelmed by the lesser demons that had been left in their wake. Unwilling to leave their new comrades for dead the Travelers rush back to save them. Destroying the demon threat takes only a matter of moments, but as they turned back they find that their enemy has gathered its forces and is ready to meet them. Dragons, demons, and Illthid come snarling forth ready to bring doom to the heroes.

Riding a kill high, a cackling Cadmieus leaps into the nether in order to get around a prismatic wall at the psi-healer Illithid, only to be ripped back into to different people. Cletus and Cadmeil continue their charge suffering the effects of the nether, coming out smoking but only a little bit worse for wear. Punching through the veil of the bridged void, Cadmeil closes on the Illithid heals-networker while Cleatus closes in to knock a pair of dragon skulls into pulp. Cadmiel fights through the anger and griief having killed off his favoirite two students, impaling and decapitating the Illithid in a single fluid movement, Cleatus on the other hand has gone red-eyed and serious as the surreality of ending Suzie Q weighs upon the vampire hunter. Cadmiel is forced to evade the fell-gunslinger, the withdrawal placing he and Cleatus back to back as they have fought so often before. The horde uses this opportunity to take the initiative, bathing the two heroes in the full brunt of two Dragons’ breath weapons. The two heroes are caught off-guard by the onslaught from both the nether and the dragon’s breath, Cletus is unable to withstand the enemies assault and falls unconscious. Maven quickly guts the red dragon before charging into the main fray, his eyes glowing gold amidst the crimson spray of arterial violence. Stain moves almost quicker than the eye can see as he lays down murderous covering fire, the brave Davos moves with mercurial speed to protect Cletus beneath a dome of prismatic, sparking, energy.

The heroes beat the baddies then the baddies summon Cthulu.
One of the wareforged hands Stain a crystal and tell him it needs to be broken in the nether.
Stain does this and it hurts.
Maven, Cadmeil, and Cletus die!
Davos saves Maven and Cadmeil.
Cletus is taken into the warforged matrix.
The heroes barely defeat Cthulu. Then beat his ass like bitch when he reforms!

They Flanked Us!

The Travelers leap into the timestream ready to take on the demon hordes of the past. Finding new and known evils they work their way through the temple chambers. Finally they come across a dark ritual. Though seemingly putting a stop to it one of the future White Tower Elders flees from the room with a magic object. For the next few seconds the Travelers bring hell to demon’s, but in the tide one faithful member falls.

Maven hits the ground rolling and is on his feet before the bear hits the ground driving the demon before him across the room. As shots ring out all around, a large hole appears in his chest, and an acid cloud springs up before him blocking his view of the staircase he just saw. Down the stairs Stain stares down his opposite and possibly equal. A huge demon gunslinger holding a fancy smoking gun.

Davos quickly casts a prismatic wall to block off the huge evil gunslinger and Stain from the rest of the party taking heart that he only hears Stain’s tiny muskets angry retorts. Cletus runs to save Cadmeil from the daemon lord he is currently humiliating before releasing Davos as been left open to attack. Catching the daemon’s clawed hands inches from the elven caster Cletus proceeds to throw the bewildered evil creature around the room.

Cadmeil decides to show the balor mercy and removes its throat. As it falls and sits still for a moment his smile turns to disappointment. “I thought these things where supposed to explode.” As he prods the lifeless corpse with the Mistress. BOOM!

Cletus glares over at Cadmeil’s smiling smoldering face before Davos reminds him he is immune to acid and points to the cloud. “Oh ya I’m cumin Stain!” He yells discarding the lifeless rag doll of daemon and barrels through the acid fog. As he reaches the other side a massive shot rings out and even Cletus’ massive form is spun by the impact.

The Travelers dispatch the demons with flair and fiery explosions. Just in time to kick in the door to the next room and see a shadow Dragon disappear into a time rift. Helpless to do much else they loot the bodies and speak to a very confused future elder. Stain looks at his shiny new gun and grits his teeth knowing that they just won a battle but lost the war.

All fears are confirmed as the Travelers are flung back to the future and find themselves in a hellscape. Snuggy soon appears in an impish form and provides the Travelers with their new history lesson. All of the demonic plans had come to fruition and many had happened sooner than on the Travelers known timeline. Gathering as much information as they can from the somewhat insane Dragon in imp’s clothing before they are thrust back into a present that they no longer recognize.

Devil's Advocate

After unlocking the great doors the Travelers make their way through an exact replica of the Ogre temple. Though they think they are ready for anything they are dumbfounded by what they see next.

Before them is a sight that would cause lesser men to loss their minds and even the strongest of men to have nightmares for the rest of their lives. Our heroes have a much different reaction. Before them Devil lords and Illthids fight in mortal combat. In the center of room the great god Asmodius himself being engulfed by a world tree sapling. Maven’s eyes see red and he charges the Evil god only to rebound off of some sort of invisible force wall. He returns to his companions to find them still taking in the scene. Davos seems to be fixated unraveling the magics that he sees playing out before him. Cletus is openly smiling and Stain is frowning in that way that you know he is happy. Cadmeil on the other hand has produced a glass of wine and Maven gets the feeling if he had a chair he would be sitting. Maven bites down the anger that his friends aren’t taking this seriously, but as he turns back to the scene he can’t help stare a moment himself.

The Travelers can’t stand to be spectators for long though and enter the fray. Davos starts laying down protective spells as Cadmeil and Cletus charge the Elder Brain on the other side of the room. Cletus sneers at the Evil god as he passes it. Stain winks from sight and the sound of shots echo off the walls. A widening hole appears in one of the the Illthids, but Stain curses as the tentacled thing remains standing. Maven tears into the closest Devil as Asmodius yells at him.“You fool, they’ll kill us all!”

Maven takes no heed to the Evil god’s words as one devil falls and he begins hacking into another. Davos identifies the Illthids healer and Stain switches his focus. Cletus and Cadmeil engage the massive Brain, but it proves to be resilient. Another devil falls as the illithid it was fighting thanks Maven with lashing tentacles.

The now bleeding illithid healer blinks out of sight through a spacial fold as Cletus begins hammering the Elder Brain against the invisible barrier surrounding Asmodius. Cadmeil dances past a horrific creature that falls in his wake the blood he flings from his blade and the body the only evidence anything happened. The droplets halt in mid air as Davos stops time. Stain and Maven are the only part of the group close enough to be effected by the spell, but they can’t help noticing Asmodius moving inside the illithid trap. Stain begins running around and finds the illithid healer. He also finds the Bloodqueen performing some sort of ritual on the node. Stain yells for Davos as Mavens and the Evil god stare at one another.

The Travelers finally kill the Illthids and Maven frees Asmodious in order to stop the Bloodqueen. Asmodious tells the Travelers that they must deconstruct the nodes in order to get the Key fragments before the Daemons can. He says that the Key is needed to reseal The Destroyer, Asmodious’ son. Asmodious show them how to remove the Key fragment from this node. Then he tells the Travelers that the he can sense the Daemons manipulating the timestreem, and once again it’s time to go back in time!

Keys to the Tree

The Travelers head to the World Tree in search of the node and the Illthid threat. After a bit of searching they come across a some what familiar bridge. It looks just like the bridge outside the Ogre temple or the Core as the hero’s have come to call it.

Cautiously approaching they find a Jaberwalky standing guard. Stain says hi and the rest of the gang follows suit. The poor poor Jabberwalky never stound a chance.

As the hero’s pull the Key piece from the twitching poetic nightmare they sigh, knowing that they have two more they must collect. Examining the door Davos laughs at the simplicity of the ancient secrets. He seems genuinely surprised that no one knows what he is taking about. Davos begins a dumbed down explanation of the symbols on the door. After several blinks and stares from his companions he finally points to the map Stain is holding up. " Here and here." He says dejected.

Following Davos’s directions the Travelers make their way to the mountains. Flying up the side of the mountain they are surprised by not one but two Tempest behemoths. Davos battered by winds and blade like feathers is knocked from the sky. As Cadmeil, Cletus, and Stain fight the Gail force winds of the behemoths and there endless hail of blades they smile as they hear a familiar roar on the wind. Maven comes tearing out of the sky like a beautiful bear riding angel. Davos is soon back in the fight and with the Travelers back at full strength the only question is do we have time to train them as mounts. Deciding they are on a timetable they take the Key piece and reluctantly leave the immortal creatures be.

The final piece leads the Travelers to deep waters. Part of witch is a Living Lake. The near invisible creature takes the adventures by surprise, but is soon dealt with. The aquatic behemoth holding the last key piece seems tame in comparison. With the full key in hand the Travelers head back to the door at the World Tree.

Here is where things get interesting!

Law and Order: Special Travelers Unit

After helping Victor Ash into the loving hands of San dan Glokta, the heroes head for the temple. At the temple the daemons black sword is quickly spirited away and with Davos’s help the priestess Ashona turns the daemon’s heart into a minor artifact. Ashona says with the help of this artifact the evil of the daemon can be undone. All she needs to do is find the victims. The heroes tell her that they know of at least one. She is a bit surprised to find out that San dan Glokta’s afflictions stem from daemon magic, but says it explains a lot. Ashona and the heroes then do something almost no one does of their own free will. They head to the Inquisitors.

Arriving at the inquisitors the heroes asked to speak to San dan Glokta. The guards refusing entry at first, but after a few long moments of weathering Cletus’s stare one of the guards rushes off and the hero’s are soon granted an audience. San dan Glokta is skeptical to say the least when he hears of the artifact. The heroes say that he will just have to trust them unless he knows of another victim of the daemon’s magic. A wicked smile spreads over Glokta’s face. “I might be able to help you with that.”

Glokta leads the heroes and the priestess down into the dungeon. They enter a room and discovered a partially filleted Fenris. Despite his current condition he greets the heroes with a cheery smile. After a bit of banter the priestess Ashona uses the artifact on Fenris and he is made whole again. Glokta seeing that the artifact works is soon restored himself. Elated that he is been returned to an unbroken body and for the first time in many years is not constant pain Glokta thanks the heroes with an unbroken smile. Glokta and the heroes retired to his study for food and drinks. While they enjoy refreshments Glokta conducts the nicest and gentlest round of questioning that he has ever conducted.

With all immediate business in the Union concluded the heroes head to the University to try and find the second node. The heroes use their newfound fame to gain an audience with Ender. Ender finds the hero is very interesting for “flesh bags”, and soon agrees to show them the node. Ender begins talking about the power and majesty of the node is the heroes notice this one is much smaller than the Core. The heroes then ask Ender if he would like to see another node. Ender surprised and intrigue that another of these wonderful things exist agrees to go with the travelers.

The group teleports into the middle of some very surprised ogres, but before any of them can do anything stupid Ryle and Reil greets the travelers warmly. Ender is introduced to the two headed ogre-mage Queen and they begin a conversation that only Davos can follow. The rest of the group thank the gods that these people are on their side and try to plan their next move.

The travelers decide that the illithids are the most immediate threat and the node under the World Tree should be their top priority since that is where the illithid are supposed to be coming from. With this in mind they decide that they must go and get Sir Alrich. Teleporting back to the Union the heroes head back to the inquisitors. They are surprised to find and gain an audience with the Emperor himself. After Glokta displays his findings the Emperor issues a blanket pardon to all the rebels. The Emperor seems quite taken with the heroes and even ask their advice on who to fill the Close Council seats. Stain takes the opportunity to suggest his grandfather for the labor position. The Emperor agrees and Stain decides to press his luck asking for the justice position himself. The Emperor says the position is his and Chief Justice Stain is born. Stain smiles and the hairs stand up on the back of every criminals neck in the Union.

With Sir Alrich in tow the heroes head back to the University next stop the World Tree.
Worst messagers ever, or the best?

After a bit more temporial time travel future talk. The heros are ripped back to the present.
“Is everything Ok in there?” A gaurd yells as the heros learn time travel makes a lot of noise.

After asuring everyone that everything is “Ok”, Stain says he has some shoping to do. He tells Tote-sack to come with him and begins to leave the barracks. Before he is more that halfway down the hallway San dan Glokta meets him. Glokta says that Stain summoned him and Stain braces for the trap to Sprint! Instead of demons and dragons Fennris shows up and subbmits himself for inquisition. San dan Glokta asks Stain if he will deliver a message to Baron Ash. Cletus eagerly takes the message. “I’ll give that to em! Ya I’ll give that t’m real good.” San dan Glokta and Stain both give Cletus a wary look. “I’ll make sure it gets to him.” Stain says finally and the heroes head to the Ash manner.

As a heroes approach the Ash manner they notice that wagons are being loaded for what looks like a long journey. Cletus almost gives one of the servants heart attack as he tells him he has a message for Baron Ash. The servant says that he will bring Baron Ash to them in rushes off, but the heroes follow close behind him. They find Baron Ash in his main hall.“What is the meaning of this!” Baron Ash demands.

After Cletus says some very insulting things to Baron Ash, Stain cuts to the point taking the message from Cletus and handing it to Baron Ash. Ash reads a letter before exclaiming. “This is outrageous. I don’t have time for this. I’m leaving on long trip. My son can answer any questions the inquisitor thinks he needs answered.”

“You ain’t going nowhere.” Cletus says matter-of-factly. Ash manages to sputter some weak protests under Cletus’s towering gaze. Suddenly one of the servant says in the disembodied voice. “Kill them all!”

Cletus takes one look at the speaking servant with his true side eyes grabs the thing and exclaims. “Tentacle face!”

Stain without missing a beat unloads a full volley into the creature. The servant stops moving, but still appears to be a normal human. Stain gives Cletus a questioning look before trying to diffuse the situation. “Everyone calm down before someone dies.” Of course no one listens to him, and it looks like there is no turning back. The bodies hit the floor or the prismatic wall in some cases.

Cletus runs down Victor Ash as he tries to saddle a horse in the stables. “Where you think your go’in?” Ash almost wets himself as he slowly turns to face Cletus.

“Well what do we have here?” Ash turns to the new voice a momment of hope showing on his face, but as he looks to the smiling face of San dan Glokta a puddle begins to form around his designer shoes.

Future so bright I got to where shades!

The heroes find themselves once again thrust into the future. Only this time they find something much more disconcerting than enemies in the gate. They are greeted openly and it seems the heroes are very much alive and well in this future. There are still troubles at the Eye and dragons have been attacking since the Storm Wall fell. But this appears to be the brightest future the heroes have seen yet.

There is a bit of confused conversation that reveals among other things Stain to be a General and some very important people referring to Cadmril as the Rogue Trader. Kas, a mystery man, and a very pregnant Arilyn come rushing into the room. They are referred to as the dragonslayer’s and bring news. Some of the dragons have slipped past the lines and are approaching the palace. After a few moments their news is punctuated by one of the tower walls collapsing. The father of all Linnorms visible through the dusty rubble on its back rides the demon the heroes had just slayed in the past. As the heroes spring into action many try to use their mythic power, but to no effect. Instead they see the mythic energy pulled from their bodies. The energy flies to another fiend outside the tower. This new enemy appears to be some blood red worm surrounded by prismatic sphere.

The father of All Linnorms uses its breath weapon to great effect as it flies around the tower. Stain runs to the opening in the tower and disappears. Davos cast fly on himself and the rest of the party before turning his attention to the prismatic sphere. Cadmeil, Davos, and Cletus take to the air. Soon after they take flight though the colossal Dragon speaks a few magic words and their flight spells are dispelled. As the three begin their thousand foot plummet several things happen at once. Cadmeil falls only a few feet before jamming his scabbard into the tower wall. Davos teleports back inside the tower, and Cletus grabs hold of the behemoth stopping his dissent. That is until Stain’s next volley which robs the beast from the sky. Cadmeil seen his friend falling to his doom leaps from the tower wall. Grabbing hold of Cletus he removes the harpoon from Cletus’s hand. He then throws the harpoon back into his scabbard still embedded in the tower, and swings him and Cletus back to relative safety.

Davos continues to try to bring down the prismatic sphere, but as one more poll of mythic energy flies towards the blood red beast it laughs and disappears. The demon sneers down at the heroes want in hatred in its eyes one final glare and it to disappears. The heroes wIn the day but can’t help feel they have lost. What will the demons do with the mythic energy? Will allow them to travel through time? Why does it feel like this bright future just got darker?

The Travelers Meets Duck Dynasty!

Speak with the Seer

Invited to the Palace – granted large titles. Introduced to Jewels del Latont, Stains Grandfather who invites him to his/their family estate.

At the del Latont estate Jewels lays out his plan to reclaim a seat on the council, which should be easy with Stain’s support. He also expresses interest in forgiving Tabitha and regranting her title.

The party then travels back in town. In a back water town they find a few ruffians assaulting a pregnant woman. Vampire lover! After seriously laying the smackdown on them they visit her hovel – where SURPRISE! she goes into labor.

While this is happening two assassins, sent by a demon lord, attempt to kill the unborn child. These are no ordinary assassins. One is a huge behemoth with countless arms and weapons. The other though much smaller a demon no less deadly and with every round Stain fires into it he feels himself getting weaker. The heroes managed to thwart the assassins. His last one falls Stain rushes into the tent, moving much slower than he normally does. He is a surprised to find that the mother is in much better shape than he thought. His confusion only lasts as long as it takes them to see the wide grin on Davos’s face. “It’s magic.” Davos says cheerily.

With the immediate danger gone Cletus is able to spend some time with the mother he never met. All the time wondering what this could mean for his life and if it will change him. Cletus’s very strange family reunion is short-lived though as the heroes are propelled back into the future.

The Naming Ceremony

Pomp and Fair and Fireworks and The Cloud Atlas

The Travelers (and Snuggie) given Titles. All granted knighthoods, while Stain, Snuggie, and (begrudgingly) Cleatus are granted title of Baron. Stain looks oddly uncomfortable and angry (even for him) his eyes keep shifting to one end of the stage.

Rewarded with Halfling Contracts – Enjoy your new bitches.

“Leader” of the Rebels is revealed! General Collem West is hanging from a rack mid stage.

Black Dow’s Fist attacks! Chaos ensues. Stain rushes to the Emperor’s side. “Get behind me!” He shouts as he opens fire on a Hill Giant behind the Emperor. As the bullets hit there mark screams come from the beast like a curios of tortured souls. “That can’t be good.”

Cletus rushes over to West and shatters his chains as if they were cobwebs. “Stain, git tis man a gun!”

A soft magical voice drifts over the stage. “Kill the Emperor.”

The Emperor’s face turns white as normally friendly faces are filled with murderous intent. Stain resists the compulsion of the spell and thanks to one of his magical do-hikees he knows where it came from. His eyes narrow on the curios target of an Owlbear. The Emperor stumbles back as attendants become assassins. Only to feel the light touch of Cadmeil supporting him as he casually swats away two assailants one armed with a silver serving tray the other a golden wine craft. “Don’t worry I got you, Bro.” Cadmeil says to the Emperor as he swats yet another of the would be frenamies, somehow now wielding the gold wine craft.

Davos casts some defensive magic on himself and his friends before telaporting to the top of a pillar for a better vantage point. As Maven charges the biggest thing Stain hasn’t shot yet. Snuggie Transforms into a colossal dragon and casts some spell of his own. As Susey Q and her family begin lifting into the air.

Cletus helps West to his feet and even smiles at the Ogre that he sees coming up from the Arena stairs. His smile quickly disapears as he turns on his truesight and see that his Ogre is actually a Balor! Fenris and Stain’s parents rush from the crowd and grab Collem West before disappearing back into the chaos.

Stain fires again at his weird screaming Hill Giant. As it falls the send a few into the Owlbear. A two headed four armed Ogre teleports to the center of the stage only to be met by an assult of thrusts from Cadmeil. Maven chases his Big Baddy as it makes a bee line into the council members not on stage. Davos, feeling a bit frisky at seeing Snuggy’s transformation, turns himself into a Dragon. Cletus locks horns with the Balor swearing with every straining muscle that Baron Ash must die!

In a second heart beat Stain opens fire again this time dropping the spell casting Owlbear. When the “Owlbear” goes down so does its illusions. Everyone gets a good look at their real attackers and no one is happy. Maven seeing the true face of who he has been chasing and his eyes glaze over and Oh’boy you have to Die! Davos’s smile soon drops from his draconic face as he sees Aolin being torn to peices and Arylin fighting for her life againtst another Daemon. Davos begins the Banishment Spell preying it will be enough.

The Daemons use a blade wall spell to try and separate the party to little effect. Davos’s spell removes one of the Daemons, but Arylin falls as the remaining daemon turns to the Seer. Davos feeling powerful in his dragon form charges the Daemon. Only to find himself in its clutches. Cletus uses the blade wall to his advantage holding the Balor inside it. Cadmeil has no idea what the hell this thing is but he is having a fantastic time making a fool out of it he even threw some of its demon blood into the eyes of Queen Terez, who enchanted was trying to attack her husband, the Emperor.

Many more shots are fired, but in the end Snuggy manages to catch Susy Q and her famaliy, Two Council Members are dead, and Two friend lie with them. Oh, and there souls are trapped in Hell. Merry Christmas!!!

Fenrir, Fenris, and Feris meet the Party

Cadmeil has a conversation with Jewels de Latont. Interesting history there.

The Iron Man Games begin. Cadmeil and Cletus both decide to participate. Maven desperately desires to join, but his illness makes withdrawal necessary. As the assault begins, Cletus simply stands in the centre of the arena and observes the chaos around him. He is completely unperturbed, in contrast to his companion, Cadmeil, who is dancing flamboyantly and constantly. Both competitors manage to avoid barrel after barrel, while their competition is knocked either bodily from the ring, or unconscious. Eventually, the competition is reduced to two competitors: Cletus and Cadmeil. At this point, the barrages that are required to even cause the competitors to flinch are so devastating that the crowd that is throwing them are forced consistently away from the terrible deluge they must inflict upon the potential champions. Ever further the crowd retreats, while the two refuse to succumb. One spectator in particular relishes his role in this particular game, straying less than the rest of the crowd, and in fact remaining within the blast radius of most of the effects, so he can maintain the best possible firing point. Stain fires his somewhat good-natured taunts at Cadmeil and Cletus far below, as both dodge, weave, and simply endure the deluge thrown their way. Eventually, the sheer onslaught that the two are presented with forces Cletus to his knees, and Cadmeil to unconsciousness. When the victory announcement is called, Cletus falls bodily onto his face as exhaustion overcomes him. Soon after, both Cletus and Cadmeil are returned to consciousness in order to learn which is victorious. With this pronunciation, the games are finished – Cleatus is victorious. The Colosseum sits quiet as the mutant vampire demon takes his third victory. HODOR!

Fenrir is pulled from the carbonite. He reveals a crazy plot twist shortly after Stain tells his mother to fuck off.


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